IS THIS BLM BIAS? DC Mayor Bowser Deleted Offensive Tweet About Carjacking And Refuses To Speak Out Against Death or Crime

Posted by on March 29, 2021 6:03 pm

Far Left radical Democrat Mayor of DC Muriel Bowser deleted offensive tweets recently that she made about a traumatic carjacking over the weekend, which resulted in Mohammad Anwar’s death, who was making an Uber Eats delivery when he was brazenly carjacked and then killed by two black teenaged girls. The girls showed more remorse for their lost phones than the man they violently killed. Their Mayor appears to be shielding them from public scrutiny from her position of power.

“The reason why CNN and Mayor Muriel Bowser downplayed that brutal carjacking over the weekend is that they don’t consider it a crime. In their minds, it’s reparations,” Todd Starnes wrote.

After months of Critical Race Theory and demands for reparations from slavery being hurled upon the American public elevating Blacks as eternal victims of all White people, with the left’s demands, everyone has a “subconscious bias” toward the Blacks; this story is noteworthy.

Bowser is a bold defender of Black Lives Matter domination of the city of DC, using her office to elevate the social justice movement.

We could sympathize with Bowser over the bad PR for her carjacking tweet because being a high-profile politician is difficult. None of us have been perfect with our own social media, however as a leader who seeks more and more power with a push toward DC as a state; it is worth taking some time to evaluate her actions as a public servant and question her bias is dangerous.

She tweeted and then deleted her tweets. Does she have a bias toward Black Teenagers?

Gateway Pundit reported on the matter:

“A man was murdered in cold blood, and instead of denouncing the horrific crime, Mayor Bowser shamed the victim. This woman is diabolical and should resign in disgrace.

“Auto theft is a crime of opportunity. Follow these steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming a target,” Bowser said Sunday morning.”


DailyMail UK reported:

“DC Mayor Muriel Bowser DELETES ‘tone deaf’ tweet about avoiding auto theft that she posted after days of silence over carjacking death of UberEats driver.

  • Mayor Muriel Bowser’s official Twitter account posted a Metropolitan Police Department video about preventing car thefts on Sunday 
  • ‘Auto theft is a crime of opportunity,’ the caption read. ‘Follow these steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming a target’ 
  • The tweet drew outrage from critics who called it tone deaf in light of the carjacking death of 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar
  • It has since been deleted  
  • Anwar died last Tuesday when he was ejected from his Honda Accord after two teenage girls allegedly tasered him and tried to steal his car
  • ‘A Pakistani immigrant was just murdered in DC & your response is to call this a “crime of opportunity”?’ one critic tweeted
  • Others accused Bowser of ‘victim blaming’ and noted that she hasn’t publicly addressed Anwar’s death”

So has Bowser changed her tone since she now realized how callous she was? It does not appear so. A review of Bowser’s timeline is full of self-promotion and demands for social justice.

“Looking forward to joining @CapehartJ this morning on @TheSundayShowon @MSNBC to talk abt #DCStatehoodNow,” Bowser wrote on Sunday. 

We are still in the midst of the pandemic, so it is critical that if you need a test, you get a test, then stay home. Please share this schedule with your friends and neighbors,” Bowser wrote Monday morning.

There is nothing about Mohammad Anwar, his family, the rising crimes in her city, or anything remorseful about her earlier tweets on the carjacking.

It doesn’t appear that she is at all concerned. Now we know.


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