BUSTED: Video Shows Teacher Shaming Student In The Name Of Cultural Responsive Training- The New CRT

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White Americans have been bombarded over the decades with the proper labels for people and how to acknowledge someone’s pigmentation while facing demands not to acknowledge someone’s race.  White Americans have been given the heavy burden of correcting hundred years of imagined and real grievances while being disempowered.

White American students not only never took part in Slavery they are the ones being discriminated against, and their humiliation and submission are now demanded in public because White Americans can just never do the right things. That system of racism isn’t good for any student of any color to participate in.

Enter the powerful tool for control and dominance over society: Culturally Responsive Teaching.

“In a Facebook post obtained by The Daily Wire, school board member Beth Barts told parents that the video was from an excerpt of a high school class discussion in a “Dual Enrollment College Level English course.”

“Students were exposed to different literacy theories as a way of critiquing different pieces of literature. (Critical Race Theory) was an example of a theory that can be applied to literary criticism,” she wrote. “Other theories such as structuralism, deconstructionism, and feminism were also shared.”

In the video, a student is humiliated in front of the class by demands to acknowledge something the teacher wanted to notice about race. Many people are familiar with such style demands under a training style called “Critical Race Theory” or “CRT.”

According to Fox News in a report about the Virginia incident:

Interim Superintendent Scott Ziegler said in a statement last week that LCPS “has not adopted Critical Race Theory as a framework for staff to adhere to.”

“It should be noted that students do not receive equity training. LCPS has not adopted a uniform equity curriculum but does have a Culturally Responsive Framework,” he said.

OH- notice that? It isn’t the naughty Critical Race Theory that people know about, but it is something that has a “Culturally Responsive Framework.”

Think: “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” I uncovered in a series of articles on schools in Wake Co, North Carolina, has replaced “Critical Race Theory” because the latter has gotten bad press.

In the articles, I discuss the shaming tactics used on teachers and encouraged teachers to use on parents and students to bring about a “New America” and one that affirms White supremacy under the teacher pieces of training for “CRT” Culturally Responsive Training.

In my article, I stated:

“Teachers in training on “culturally responsive teaching” for North Carolina public schools heard in the opening of the second webinar in their Marxist series for the NC Depart. of Public Instruction that they would be instructed in how to “blow people’s minds” and they would learn about “shooting cannons” at accepted curriculum in their classrooms.”

“Teachers were trained that culture is the foundation for all learning.

The Department of Public instruction took the pieces of training down after a public outcry about them, but the articles remain:


Video at Link:

In the video, the teacher is seen shaming the student with techniques that were taught in the Culturally Responsive Training session sponsored by New America, which was founded and funded by Eric Schmidt of Google.

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