Gangster Capitalism: Nas X’s Curious Connections to the Communist Party and Satan Shoes

Posted by on March 30, 2021 6:03 pm

Nike Brand is taking a beating around the Globe after facing boycotts by the Chinese Communist Party for not agreeing on politics. More recently, a Gay Rapper made some Satan Porn Shoes take their trademark”Swoosh logo” branding and made a huge public PR campaign for evil.

“Nike is having a devil of a time with Lil Nas X’s blood-infused sneakers,” The New York Post reported. 

From their article:

The sportswear giant wants every pair of the viral rapper’s “Satan Shoes” destroyed because they allegedly duped consumers into thinking Nike supports devil worship.

Nike made the extreme request in a lawsuit against MSCHF, the creative agency that designed the custom Air Max 97s that were released in a limited edition of 666 pairs alongside Lil Nas X’s new single, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

Is there a Communist connection?

Most people are aware of the worldwide PR campaign of NAS X, a homosexual rapper, and his fantasy shoes:

Nas X partnered his shoes with a highly graphic porno video of himself giving a lapdance to another man who was made up to be Satan. Interesting PR.

This bizarre PR campaign attaching Nike and homosexuality to Satan is happening simultaneously as the Chinese Communist Party is pushing to boycott Nike products around the globe in a temper tantrum over a company statement released in the name of social justice that does not agree with the CCP’s human rights abuses against a group of Muslims who are being used as slave labor to produce materials.

So Nike, who cozied up to the CCP for a long time, is now apparently on the wrong side of the CCP, and it is curious if the boycott and the Santan shoes campaign are connected.

Nike wants Nas X canceled now.

It might be too late for Nike because they are damned if they do- damned if they don’t disassociate with the Communist party.

LGBTQ Nation says it is wrong for Nike to cancel Satan because somewhere they didn’t cancel Jesus.

According to LGBTQ ‘s Media, in an article titled, Nike is suing over Lil Nas X’s “Satan shoes” as boycott threats loom. Nike doesn’t want to be associated with them, but they didn’t have a problem with the same company’s “Jesus shoes,” we may see that the attack was really over Christianity, which is, in fact, a “calling card” of the CCP.

LGBTQ Nation reported: “Just after the release of his single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” Nas partnered with the boutique MSCHF to sell the shoes, which have a pentagram, an inverted cross, and allegedly contain human blood. The shoes cost $1018 (a Bible reference) and they are selling 666 of them.”

“The shoes themselves are Nike Air Max 97 sneakers that MSCHF bought and then modified, reselling them at a markup. And they still show Nike’s trademark swoosh, even though Nike was not involved in their production and issued statements yesterday to the media to distance themselves from the shoes,” LGBTQ reported in defense of the rapper.

So is the move orchestrated or inspired by the Communist Party?  We don’t know, but it is curious timing.

And it not ok to hate anyone because of their sexual preferences or skin color, but it is ok to hate them for their religious choices- see tweet below.

Something else to consider is how this  Satan/porno/ LGBTQ affects Critical Race Theory demands in the culture witch promoting LGBTQ lifestyles and demanding that people publicly embrace and affirm such public acts as NAS X or face being canceled.

It may be that the Communists are allowed to boycott their own companies, but American citizens are not allowed to do anything other than affirming homosexuality and their issues.

Welcome to the New America, comrades. It is what all Democrats have pushed us into and which Republicans have been too timid to push back on upon.

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