Woke 2nd Grade: Lesson On Social And Emotional Learning Was About Male Erections Around Children

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One of the favorite things about the COVID changes in public school, a Social Justice advocate told a group of teachers she was training for Culturally Responsive Training was the chance to do “remove learning” and reach even more people from their classrooms with their social justice dominated curriculum.  Here is the result of some of the “Remote Learning” tactics publics schools are using.

Remember that a safe childhood is a tenant of Western Civilization, where children are allowed to grow up and not be sexualized by adults,  and one that the left is focused on destroying in the United States.  We are in the final stages of their domination and control over public schools. This is the result:

“In my hometown, in my daughter’s age group class of second grade, they showed an animated video today of a man with an ERECTION standing over a child!!!!! this is not OK!!!!” wrote Carl Higbie.

Remember when parents gave up their rights under George Bush, No Child Left Behind, and while under Obama, Race to the Top and Common Core? Now people will learn of one of the final controls over the minds of American children, how global non-profits will impact curriculum and coming very soon students will be graded with a social scoring of competencies from these materials set by a global agenda.  It all begins by offering free curriculum materials and that woke teachers will force on students. It is here. Now.

Parents no longer have any authority, nor are they respected as legal guardians of their children in some schools.

The film shown to little children at Greenwich 2nd grade, according to school officials, is from a group in Norway called  and according to the group’s Wikipedia page:

The Norwegian Council for Mental Health (NorwegianRådet for psykisk helse) is a humanitarian organisation in Norway.

It was established in 1985 to help people with mental problems. It has 29 member bodies, among others universities and other humanitarian organisations. It issues the magazine Psykisk helse.[1] Chairman of the board is Tor Levin Hofgaard,[2] and the organizational headquarters are in Oslo.[1]

So why are American schools using these curriculums for American public schools?  Perhaps, as instructed by “New America” teachers are finding and using their own curriculum based up “Culturally Responsive Teaching”, which teaches teachers to dismantle western civilization.

From local News:

Greenwich Schools Chief: Video Shown to Remote School 2nd Graders Was Likely Meant for Private Therapy Sessions

A cartoon type video featuring two owls talking about fear and being afraid from everything to being embarrassed, to parents fighting, to physical and sexual abuse was shown to some Greenwich Schools remote learning 2nd graders.

On Monday, Greenwich Schools Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones sent an email to remote school 2nd grade families in Ms Goodwin’s and Ms Hanzlik’s classrooms about the video.

Dr. Jones notes that the video was shared during a lesson on social and emotional learning.

“Around the midway point in the video there is reference to situations in which children may become afraid, including being afraid of abuse, both physical and sexual,” she wrote. “The content at this point in the video was not appropriate for our GPS second grade classrooms.”

Jones explained that the content was instead likely meant for a private therapy session for children who have experienced trauma.

Greenwich Schools parent Carl Higbie, who was relieved that his second grader was not shown the video, said numerous “disgusted” parents had contacted him about it.

He said he would not rest until the person responsible was fired.

“That somebody thought this video was acceptable for second graders was abhorrent,” he said, adding that he would push for a full investigation.

The description of the video says, “All children are normalscared, but what do children who are embarrassedscared or painfulscared need?”

It explains that The Alfred Jr. & Shadow – A Short Story about Being Scared was an educational film for children aged 6-14 years. The children learn about different ways of being scared, what they need when they are scared, and suggestions for actions. Adults also get some tips on how to meet a child who is scared.

The film was produced in collaboration with the Council for Mental Health in Norway.

Dr. Jones said that due to the nature of the video, the district notified the Dept of Children and Families (DCF), which they do whenever they believe students may have been exposed to material or situations that may warrant a follow-up.

Also, Jones wrote, that the district’s psychology staff were making time available to answer any questions parents or guardians may have, including how to discuss the video with their child.

In addition, she said staff were offering a student session for those parents who would like more support and that a subsequent email would be sent with those dates and times shortly.

Lastly she apologized for any questions or concerns this may have raised for children.



“The Norwegian Council for Mental Health (NCMH) is a humanitarian umbrella organisation that consists of 31 membership organisations and institutions with an interest and involvement in the field of mental health.”

So, who are the 31 membership organizations and how did this stuff end up in American schools, without the parent’s consent?

Welcome to “woketopia.”

From the Norwegian Councils’ website:

We contribute to:

  • Prevention of mental health problems
  • Building good mental health for children and young people
  • Inclusive employment – mental health in the workplace
  • Better treatment: «From compulsory to consensual»
  • Supporting research on mental health

Through information activities and involvement in political issues the objective is to have an impact on decision making in order to improve mental health care.

Our mission: The Norwegian Council of Mental Health is working to contribute to a good mental health for all.

Sounds like a far-left Democrat to you?


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