Jill Biden Went To Pander To Chavez Lovers And Broke The Spanish Language In Front Of A Nazi Looking Flag

Posted by on April 1, 2021 9:04 pm

Democrat Jill Biden went to visit a small number of Cesar Chavez supporters on Monday and ended up making a total spectacle of herself by supporting a group that appeared to be aligned with the” Communist Infiltration of the National Farm Workers Association” and bungling the Spanish language.

‘It’s like an episode of Veep’: Jill Biden is mocked on social media after she mispronounces Spanish during her speech honoring Cesar Chavez,” The Daily Mail, UK reported.

  • Jill Biden was in California to tout White House’s labor ties on Cesar Chavez Day
  • ‘He is a union person. I am a member of the teachers union,’ the first lady said of her and President Joe Biden. ‘We are a union couple’
  • Biden mispronounced Spanish term ‘Si, se puede’ – or ‘Yes, we can’
  • She visited Forty Acres, where Chavez formed his first union
  • Biden also visited a COVID vaccine clinic
  • She handed out vaccination cards to people and posed for pictures
  • Labor leaders call Biden White House one of most pro-labor in history
  • Jill Biden praised farm workers as essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic
  • ‘As millions of Americans were isolated at home, we depended on those who kept going in to work, every single day,’ she said.

What is up with the Cesar Chavez love?  Obama.

Flashback to CNN article:

“Many people may not realize that the origin of “Yes We Can!” President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, was a direct translation of rallying cries of the farm workers movement led by César E. Chávez, founder of the United Farm Workers, an organization devoted to defending the rights of farmhands and field workers across the country”


“Cesar Estrada Chavez, Mexican American icon and prominent leader of an historic strike of California farm workers, was the subject of hundreds of pages of FBI correspondence throughout the ’60s, speculating on the nature of his humanitarian and civil rights activism – much of which seems to suggest skepticism in regard to the sincerity of Chavez’s intentions.

Previously processed FBI files released to Beryl Lipton begin with a memorandum (“Communist Infiltration of the National Farm Workers Association”) dated from October of 1965 identifying Chavez as a Mexican-American between 35 and 38 years old and as Director of the Delano, California-based National Farm Workers Association,” Muckrock reported.


“Her husband dealt up a border crisis so Jill Biden went pandering to Hispanics and made a fool of herself. She ridiculously said “Yes, we father!” (Si se padre) instead of “Yes, we can!” (Si se puede). Melania is fluent in 5 languages. Jill can’t fake a single line of Spanish,” one poster said, explaining a very strange scene.


“She’s talking like Evita on the balcony and there is like 10 people there,” One poster wrote in reaction to Biden’s appearance.

The Governor of California, far left Gavin Newsom who faces a massive rebuke by the voting public if he doesn’t import some more voters quickly, was also pandering to illegal immigrants and others who might love Communist Ceasar Chavez:

History will judge societies and governments…not by how big they are or how well they serve the rich and the powerful, but by how effectively they respond to the needs of the poor & the helpless.” César Chávez spent 25 days fasting in this room in 1968. #CesarChavezDay,” Newsom posted. 

But why are they pandering? What could the Democrats be worried about? About the surge at the border of illegals, perhaps?


Apparently not all people from Latin, Mexican or Spanish-speaking countries in the US are really excited about illegals taking their jobs.

US Tech Workers posted about their concerns over illegal immigration:

“The workers themselves, even though a lot of them are Mexican descendants themselves, are very uptight…very worried & very mad about the illegals coming to break their strikes. It takes away their jobs…” “We don’t want Mexico to export its poverty to us.”

Some reports were focused on the weird flag Biden stood in front of, and what it might represent, and that is very interesting for a group that is known to support a Communist invasion of a country with farm workers.

“What better way to wrap #CesarChavezDay than with Co-President Dr. Jill Biden butchering “Sí Se Puede” while standing in front of Chávez’ black eagle,”Jorge Bonilla, whose Twitter timeline describes him as @BonillaJL I bomb atomically. Director,@MRCLatino. Hubby to one, daddy of 2. America is made great and unique by her founding ideas. Psalm 146:3.

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