Mark Hamill’s Embarrassing Fall From Celebrity: Hollywood Stars ‘Boycott’ Over GA Voter Bill, And No One Cares

Posted by on April 1, 2021 6:03 pm

Mark Hamill is a guy who pretends to be a Jedi Knight over 40 years ago, and he has appeared again recently to tell the citizens of Georgia that they are naughty for not following his personal political agenda, so he is going to boycott their state and not make movies there that no one can watch anywhere, anyway.

Sound silly?  Well, that is Hollywood fame gone to an empty head for you.

Mark Hamill and James Mangold are two of Hollywood’s biggest names rallying for a Hollywood boycott on filming in Georgia due to a controversial voting bill that many believe encourages voter suppression in the state (via The Hollywood Reporter),” Indie Wire reported.

“Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill on March 25 that “ushers in more rigid voters restrictions,” which include banning the distribution of food and water on voting lines and limiting the number of ballot drop boxes,” Indie wire said.


Hamill who goes on tirades about how horrible Republicans are, especially wildly popular President Donald J. Trump,  is very upset that a bill to protect election integrity has been signed by the Republican Govenor of Georgia. So he wants to boycott the states.

Georgia reported 392 movie projects last year, in an industry which is decimated by theater shutdowns.

And did most people stop respecting Star Wars after their illogical leftward turn? I know I did. Now I understand what happened.

Hamill, apparently a resident of the Los Angeles California area, posted about his hashtag activism urging  people to not film their movie projects in Georgia over his demands that the people’s representatives of Georgia support a bill that his far left radical political party supports:

And yet, after days and a few hundred posts in support, no major news outlet is carrying the protest outcry, and even Hollywood isn’t impressed with Hamill’s bad acting.

Hollywood’s own news doesn’t think Hamill’s bravado is impressive.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, in their article titled,James Mangold and Mark Hamill have said they want to boycott the state in the wake of its new voting restrictions — but others say that’s not the best way to protest, they are think Hamill’s boycott is impotent.

Check it out:

“Georgia is facing calls for a potential boycott from Hollywood, this time over a new controversial voting bill that Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed March 25.

The new election law — which ushers in more rigid voters restrictions like ID requirements for absentee voting, limiting the number of ballot drop boxes, and making it illegal to give food and water to voters in line — has drawn widespread criticism from voting rights groups and Democrats. President Biden dubbed it “Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” while Stacey Abrams called it “a reminder of Georgia’s dark past.”

It’s also been denounced by many in Hollywood. Some of those outspoken industry figures have even gone as far as to call for a boycott of the state, a movement that’s waxed and waned over the years as other controversial legislation, largely concerning abortion and LGBTQ rights, has come and gone. The impact of a boycott could be significant, though, as Hollywood regularly shoots TV shows and movies in the state and has helped to grow Georgia’s robust film business into the nearly $10 billion industry it is.

Among those in Hollywood most vocal about a boycott is Ford v Ferrari director James Mangold, who tweeted that he would not direct a future film in Georgia due to the new law. (Ford v Ferrari shot some in Georgia.) “Georgia has been using cash to steal movie jobs from other states that allow people to vote. I don’t want to play there,” wrote the director, who is making the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. “The state will be irredeemably red with these new ‘laws.’”

Aparently these Hollywood starlets believe they can throw Bette Davis stule diva fits, pretend to be representatives of the people, and everyone needs to buy their tickets and watch their bad acting.  And that might be how Hollywood went out like a whimper.

For people who couldn’t get jobs doing much else then pretending, not even Hollywood is buying the letist’s act anymore.  No one is watching their awards shows anymore, Youtube social media influencers get bigger audiences, and most people in the US can’t go purchase an outrageously expensive movie ticket anyway.  It is not really the time relocate an expensive industusty.

Simple Math, Jedi… hello.

Cultural Marxism has taken a lethal blow, that might be one good thing about the COVID shutdowns of movie theaters.


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