President Biden Supports MLB All-Star Game Being Moved Out of Atlanta After Buying the Lies About New Georgia Voting Law

Posted by on April 2, 2021 12:04 am

President Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party circus minced no words about their anger over Georgia’s new voting law that Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed into law last week.

Biden just got slammed for lying about the Georgia law by none other than the Washington Post that gave him Four Pinocchios, which means a bald-faced-lie. Biden said there were things in the law that aren’t in the law. You can’t lie more blatantly than that.

Democrats have threatened to boycott the entire state of Georgia. They are going after companies that are based in Georgia like Coca-Cola, Delta, Home Depot, and others.

Now they’re going to attack Major League Baseball.

Folks, there is nothing in the bill that should have sparked a mental breakdown for Democrats, that is, honest Democrats. The ones who are screaming bloody murder are upset that the new law shuts down a lot of their cheating during elections.

Regardless, Democrat activists are pushing the league to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta, and now they have President Joe Biden’s support.

The Midsummer Classic on July 13 is scheduled to be hosted by the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park, but haters of the new voting law want the MLB Players Association and the leaders of the organization to move the game.

It’s interesting that no one is talking about anything in the bill that is a real problem for black voters, yet they’re all saying that all the changes in the bill are a problem for minority voters. I had it out with a knucklehead leftist on Twitter this afternoon who kept telling me that changing the voting box deadline to 5 PM was going to harm black voters. I had to point out to him that the law adds an extra early voting day for primaries and general elections, and that people can vote all day long on Election Day, Georgia has early voting, and they can vote by absentee ballot. There is no reason under the sun to lose your mind over that part of the bill.

The liberal then repeated talking points by his leftist masters, saying that the state will now have more control in the election over County workers. I had to point out to him that the US Constitution says that the state legislature has sole authority over election laws; it says nothing about County workers. Democrats are upset about this because County workers were able to get away with changing rules and election laws, which is illegal, but no one pressed it because who wants to be labeled a racist?

Pretty soon all sports teams are going to be located in California.

MLBPA executive director Tony Clark allegedly said he “would look forward” to discussions about punishing the city over the new voting law. Translation: Holy Crap, why does this kind of nonsense have to happen now?

Sage Steele of ESPN interviewed Biden Wednesday night on the eve of Opening Day and asked him about Clark’s comments and about the insane argument of moving the All-Star game.

I don’t think Joe Biden has ever said no to any direct question about taking a policy stance on something that is bad for America and good for the Woke Supremacy. So naturally, he said he was all for it.

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly,” Biden began. “I would strongly support them doing that.” I wonder if Biden even knew what they were talking about?

“People look to them; they’re leaders,” he added, referring to the Woke Supremacy that has dominated professional sports over the last few years, especially at ESPN, which is why their ratings dropped drastically. Of course, they will blame everything else under the sun, but the fact of the matter is that the American people turn to sports to get away from the daily barrage of leftism that is thrown at them through every other facet of life. So when ESPN went Woke, it turned a lot of people off. And apparently, the network doesn’t care, because they’re still invoking politics into sports.

“Look at what happened with the NBA, as well. Look what’s happened across the board. The very people who were victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports, and it’s just not right.” Did Joe Biden just say that multi-millionaire athletes are victims?

“This is Jim Crow on steroids what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states,” he said. “What’s it all about? Imagine passing a law saying you cannot provide water or food for someone standing in line to vote. Can’t do that? Come on. Or you’re going to close the polling place at 5 o’clock when people just get off? This is all about keeping working folks that I grew up with from being able to vote.”


People forget the Jim Crow was a Democrat thing, not a Republican thing. The Republicans have always been for civil rights. They passed an Amendment that gave women the right to vote. They fought for the 15th Amendment, which says that the federal government may not discriminate against anybody from voting based on who they are. Democrats have party machines that control the county level of election workers. For decades they have had irregularities during elections that always seem to wind up in favor of Democrats. Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution says that state legislatures have the power over state election laws. Therefore, Joe Biden is arguing against the Constitution by coming out against the Georgia legislature because the new law hurts the Democrats’ ability to cheat in elections, but the despicable thing is he’s playing the race card to do it.

The new voting law keeps the current Election Day voting hours of 7 am to 7 pm and will expand voting hours and voting days for early voting, despite what the Left is telling you.

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