San Diego Teachers Volunteer to Give In-Person Learning To Illegal Migrant Students While American Students Continue Virtual Classes

Posted by on April 2, 2021 3:03 pm

Teachers in the San Diego school district were given the option to replace working at the schools with shifts teaching migrant (read illegal alien) students “in-person” at the San Diego Convention Center.

It’s like they keep piling on the citizens with all the COVID-19 rules, lockdowns, mandatory masks, etc., and now they’re adding insult to injury. Do you know how many American students are having real problems with this virtual learning, my own son who is a senior in high school, one of them? My son was a straight-A honor student for four years straight and now he’s failing everything because of virtual learning. He doesn’t get a do-over, this is his senior year and it could ruin the rest of his life after working so hard all along. And now we have school districts that are going to cater to illegal alien children with in-person learning while American kids are still struggling with virtual learning. What kind of message does that send?

Over 700 unaccompanied illegal migrant children are being housed at the Center, where teachers are volunteering to give in-person learning, even though migrant children have a high COVID rate. high COVID rates among the migrant children. More than eighty COVID cases were confirmed among illegal migrant girls housed at the facility. What does this say about the teacher’s unions who went off about how teachers should not be subjected to COVID in schools, even though we know that the “science” says that children are not super spreaders? It says that it was all political.

San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) students are currently learning in a virtual-only format and are expected to move into a hybrid model on April 12, which means a combination of in-person and online teaching, at least according to the school district’s website.

“Our teachers have been asked if they’re interested in working at the convention center site, as opposed to the worksites they are assigned to. So, for example, one of our SDCOE teachers who normally works at School X could volunteer to change their placement, working at the convention center site instead of School X,” SDCOE chief of staff Music Watson said in an email to Fox News.

“Fifteen county office employees who have volunteered will be teaching at the convention center,” Watson added. “These employees are not receiving any additional pay. An additional 1,179 educators have expressed interest in learning more about volunteering at the site. None of those 1,179 have been contacted to teach at the convention center.”

“It is possible that some people on that list are not reporting full time in-person at the school,” Watson cited in another phone call.

“Why would anyone volunteer to go in that situation and put our own students at risk with COVID running amok. My first obligation is my current students’ health. Why would the board of education allow putting our kids at risk of getting COVID?” a California teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, said. The teacher wanted to remain anonymous because it goes against the Work Supremacy to question the reasoning behind the Work Supremacy, and if you want to keep your job you do not question the reasoning behind the Work Supremacy.

“I have parents now nervous to send their kids to school because they’re afraid their teacher who is volunteering to teach in-person to migrant kids is going to give our own students COVID,” the teacher continued.

“It almost borders insanity that we’re offering education to these migrant kids while they’re also not offering the same services to our own kids in the same county,” Jonathan Zachreson, a spokesperson for Reopen California Schools said. Can you believe that in 2021 the Woke Supremacy would deem this guy a racist for saying that? You can’t even say anything in defense of Americans anymore compared to illegal migrants who are considered the “unregistered Democrats” for the Democratic Party. I hope the people of California are starting to wake up.

“They used this ‘Spring Break’ week to launch the program as a spin and look Jen Psaki fell for it but on the volunteer sheet they’re asking teachers to volunteer up until July,” he added.

According to Watson, the district has determined that the teachers instructing illegal migrant children will only do so during regular school hours that would otherwise be used for the American students with pay that’s funded with taxpayer dollars. So the American people are funding a school system that cares more for illegal migrant children than American kids being harmed with virtual learning.  This is an absolute disgrace.

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