Excluded Workers? While Focus Is On His Massive Sex Scandal, Cuomo Is Giving New York Away To Cons And Foreigners

Posted by on April 3, 2021 12:03 am

Far-left Democrat Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has been the intense focus of huge sex scandal that even the far-left media gatekeepers have promoted, keeping the populous focused on scandalous details of women who say Cuomo acted out sexually to them. It leads discerning people to wonder exactly what they are all trying to hide, and we may have our answer to that. He is redistributing the country’s wealth to foreigners and criminals.

Advocates — who are pushing for the fund to be closer to $3.5 billion — have stressed that these so-called “excluded workers” were hit hard by the pandemic but didn’t receive COVID-19 stimulus checks or jobless aid.

In their article, NYS lawmakers, Cuomo negotiating $2.1B funds for illegal immigrants, ex-cons, The New York Post reported:

“New York state lawmakers on Thursday were negotiating a $2.1 billion fund that would give unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants and former inmates — possibly providing some recipients with around $28,000.

Legislators and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office were hashing out details of the “Excluded Worker Fund,” which would be part of the now-overdue 2021-22 state budget, sources told The Post.

The proposal, introduced in the Senate and Assembly two weeks ago, aims to help residents who are otherwise ineligible for federal aid, such as people living in the country illegally or those recently sprung from jail.”

Note the new term in the Revolution: Excluded Workers.

According to 13Wham.com Excluded Workers are in grave danger.

“Lawmakers and advocates are calling on New York to provide more aid for workers who are excluded from unemployment benefits.

Such groups of people can include immigrant workers, or those who may have recently left incarceration.

Advocates are calling for help on two fronts. First, they are calling on the state to establish a fund of more than $3.5 billion to help excluded workers – a fund they say could be developed through taxing wealthy residents in New York.

They say aid should be available retroactive to the start of the pandemic, as well as forward-looking,” they reported.

Oh- the “Shadow Economy,” right…

“Excluded workers, often called our shadow economy, touch us in every way, every day,” said Assemblymember Sarah Clark. “They put food on our tables, they care for our loved ones, and they have received not a single penny of help since this started.”

Advocates’ second goal relates to accessibility. Excluded workers may not necessarily have access to bank records, pay stubs or other forms of identification. This could create obstacles for workers, and advocates are calling on lawmakers to prevent such burdens from coming between workers and a specialized fund.

“We must make sure that there are no barriers to qualify and receive this assistance because, as essential workers, we deserve it,” said Victor Cortez, a dairy farm worker. “In the immigrant community, many of us do not count on the requirements because working as a day laborer, delivery or any type of work with many bosses and higher-ups, there is no pay stub, there is no check, and it is very difficult to open up a bank account.”

The left has never met a third revolutionary tactic they didn’t try to bring to America.

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