Another Asian Couple Attacked By a Street Thug Just For Being All Asian [VIDEO]

Posted by on April 4, 2021 9:03 pm

A 15-year-old boy was arrested in Tacoma, Washington after he apparently attacked an Asian couple. I say apparently instead of allegedly because the attack was caught on film and the video was widely distributed on social media.

Tacoma Police said that the unnamed teen has been charged with second-degree assault, according to CNN.

Someone wearing a red shirt can be seen in the video approaching a man and a woman on a Washington street. Red shirt guy, who has been identified as the teen who was arrested, is seen swinging at the man and the woman when he starts crying out. During a second video clip, the outlet reported the Asian man “is being cursed at and seems to be pushed or struck,” and then the outlet said that it’s unclear if the second clip was of the same attacker or someone else from a group, probably because there are two people wearing red in the video. To me, it looks like the same guy.


Police said that the attack took place in November 2020 and that the victims didn’t know the identity of the attacker.

Do you remember when the Knockout Game that was all the rage in black neighborhoods across America? It’s not racist to say that because that’s predominantly the only place it was done back then. That’s where black thugs would go up to an innocent person, usually a white person, and sucker punch them in the head from behind in hopes to knock them out with one punch.


At the time, when these incidents were reported, the Fake News industry never said anything about “hate crimes” or that they were racially motivated, yet they clearly would have said so if it were the other way around. I believe blacks attacking Asian Americans is the new Knockout Game, but this time it’s even worse because there are white Woke Supremacists who buy into the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) garbage that Asians are the enemy attacking Asian people on the streets. Why? Because Asians have come out against CTR because a big part of it is getting rid of meritocracy in America and Asians wholeheartedly support meritocracy, which is a belief that if you work hard to get ahead, you should be able to get ahead regardless of your race. CRT wants special front-of-the-line treatment whether the hard work has been done or not.

At first, the Fake News media tried to blame Donald Trump because he kept referring to COVID-19 as the China Virus because it originated in Wuhan China. But that argument fell flat in the minds of people who have three-digit IQs.

We reported almost three weeks ago when a white man attacked a 79-year-old Asian woman without provocation. Unfortunately for the soy boy who attacked her, the 70-year-old firecracker never got the memo that she was supposed to be a victim and not fight back.

Remember this?

Tacoma Police Public Information Officer Wendy Haddow told the outlet that they hadn’t been able to connect the video to the victims until family members recognized them in the video footage that had been shown on social media and on the news.

On Wednesday, an Asian man who identified himself as one of the two victims told KIRO-TV he forgives the attacker. Of course, he’s going to say that because now that he has been outed as the victim, he would likely become the focus of many more attacks.

“I want him to be better,” he said in Korean. “I want him to know this was bad.”

The victim who remains unnamed said that he can’t figure out why he was targeted by the attacker and said the only thing he can think of is because he’s Asian. He had no run-in with the thug who attacked him, so what other reason could there be?

I am now waiting for President Joe Biden and other Democrats to blame racism or Donald Trump or even systemic racism for a black teen attacking an Asian couple.

The unnamed victim said he just couldn’t understand why he was targeted to be attacked, but said that he could only imagine because he is Asian.

“I have to think so,” he said. “I’m Asian. I’m older, and I’m not that big.”

The man said that the attack took place when he was walking near his apartment when the couple saw four teenagers approaching them.

“I thought they were messing around with each other and accidentally bumped into me,” he said. “So I asked, ‘You OK? You OK? … A fist came flying in, hit me … and I started bleeding.”

According to NBC News, the man suffered a broken rib from the attack.


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