Pelosi To Get HUGE Payoff Thanks to Biden’s New Marxist Spending Spree With Your Tax Dollars

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Do you ever wonder how members of Congress, especially those in ‘leadership’ positions always seem to leave Congress with millions of dollars even though when they were first elected they were flat broke?

I know I’ve wondered how one could become a millionaire on less than $200k a year in salary while taxes eat up around 50% of income and members of Congress usually maintain two residences, one in their home district and one in the Swamp, which just so happens to be one of the most expensive places to live in the country.

I think the answer is pretty obvious … they ‘earned’ their money the old fashioned way … they stole it.  Nancy Pelosi and her husband are worth tens of millions of dollars.  However, Pelosi has been a ‘public servant’ for decades upon decades.  Now, how on Earth has she become so wealthy?  Occam’s razor would suggest it’s because she’s used her access to trillions of dollars of your hard earned tax money to skim, grift and insider trade her way to more money than you could ever imagine having.

Well, it looks like she just got caught with her hand in your wallet.

Fox News reported:

‘House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is positioned to potentially personally benefit from President Biden’s $2 trillion spending bill – and here’s how she could do it.

Biden last week announced his grandiose spending bill, which reserves $174 billion as subsidies for electric vehicles, charging stations and similar policies.

Now, here’s where Pelosi comes into play.

Back in December, Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, invested between half a million and $1 million in the famous electric car company Tesla, financial disclosures show. 

Due to the massive electric car subsidies proposed in Biden’s infrastructure plan, Tesla is poised to be a big winner from Biden’s plan should it go through.

And, due to her husband’s massive investment, Pelosi could personally, financially benefit as Tesla grows from the subsidies, as the Free Beacon reported Friday. 

Congressional spouses are legally allowed to invest in firms that their lawmaker husbands and wives work to regulate. However, the non-lawmaker spouse cannot act on information given to them by their congressional consort.

If you read the disclosure here, you will see that under the ‘Owner’ column each is marked SP for spouse,” said Hammill. “The speaker has no involvement or prior knowledge of these transactions.”

This is the most insulting thing I have read in weeks.  Do they really think anyone believes that Nancy and her husband don’t talk about how to make money off bills that she is running through Congress?

We are talking about one of the least moral people in the country here.  She actually said that it’s her ‘right’ to seat or unseat any or all Republican members of Congress.  She impeached Trump 2x based on complete and utter lies.  The woman is a fraud.

Torunn Sinclair, National Republican Congressional Committee national press secretary, called Pelosi’s potential profit “yet another example” of the speaker “using her power to tax the middle class and personally profit from it.”‘

Once again Nancy Pelosi caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  No sane person would invest in Tesla, whose P/E ratio is … OVER 1,000.  yes, you read that right the price of the stock is over 1000x their earnings.  GM, a real corporation with gravitas has a PE ratio of 13 and is worth about 10% of what Tesla is.

The only reason to be buying a stock with a 1000 P/E ratio right now is because you know something that others don’t.

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