Racist Arrested After Trashing Asian-Owned Store While Yelling Racial Slurs

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Democrats are trying to sell the American voters that President Trump and the Republicans are responsible for the anti-Asian racism and attacks but almost every time the perp0etratorm is Black, so the odds of them being white supremacists is very low. The latest one being reported is a Black man who trashed an Asian grocery store with a metal pipe as one of his buddies egged him on.

Besides trashing the store, he let out a string of bigoted anti-Asian racial slurs. This is a store where he is a frequent customer. But, this is nothing new. I have not lived in the New York Metro area for many years but even then Blacks would attack Asian stores. This comes after Al Sharpton labeled a Jewish man as an interloper because he was the owner of Freddie’s that was later set ablaze, killing Blacks and Hispanics but no whites.

Xavier Rashee Woody-Silas, 24 was arrested and charged with damage to personal property, robbery with a dangerous weapon, communicating threats, misdemeanor larceny, and disorderly conduct. The charge which is conspicuously missing is a hate crime charge even though he made it clear that he hates Asians. I gu8ess hate crimes are only for whites even if they don’t exhibit bigoted intentions.

The surveillance footage provided to Associated Press by Mark Sung, the store owner’s son, shows Woody-Silas entering the store. Once inside he pulled down an entire rack of merchandise and then tried to break the glass in the store’s refrigerators. The man cheering Woody-Silas on is allegedly a friend of his. He continued to trash the store until he was arrested.

From The Daily Caller

“He’s a regular,” Sung said about the attacker, according to WBTV. “But that day he just walks in the store with a metal pole. No one sees it at first until he starts hitting things with it. … His friend came towards the end, stuck his head through the door and said ‘That’s what you get. That’s what you get you Chinese motherf***er.’”

The attack comes in the wake of hate crimes targeting members of the Asian community. Anti-Asian hate crimes reported to police in America’s largest cities rose by 149% in 2020, compared to a 7% decline in overall hate crimes, according to a study by California State University.

In a Monday incident, a surveillance video captured a New York man kick a 65-year-old Asian woman to the ground and repeatedly stomp on her, saying, “f*** you, you don’t belong here.”

The assailant, in that case, was also Black.

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