Tom Norton For Michigan And Robert Patillo Bring Guns To A Gun Debate: Great Moments In TV

Posted by on April 5, 2021 9:03 pm

A Candidate for US House for Michigan and a Civil Rights Attorney appeared on RT News to talk about guns, and both men brought along some interesting props to help illustrate their point of view.

“Gun advocates have said that the gun lobby doesn’t know what they are talking about; they don’t know about these guns,” the hostess of RT said.

Tom Norton is running in 2022 for a US House seat held by Republican Peter Meijer.  Norton targeted Meijer’s seat after Meijer voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump in 2020.

“Great minds think alike,” Tom Norton said while holding up his gun to show the audience.

‘It is because of propaganda. This is an AR-9, it carries the same as another other 9 mm Pistol,” he said, holding up other guns. “meanwhile, you can reach in your pocket and pull out another 9 mm pistol that also carried 10 rounds, and guess what this one can go into my pocket. What is easier to do a mass shooting with?  The Pistol that fits into my pocket or the one that I have to reach into my bag to get?” Robert Patillo, a Civil Rights attorney, asked while reaching down to get another gun.

“But because of the negative publicity around these guns and the negative PR by the Government and gun control lobby, they have demonized and AR-15 as being some kind of evil assault weapon of war or whatever they call it and meanwhile you can have a simple 9 mm one or the 223 one of the 762 one, there are all sorts of variables you can have, but they demonize one particular type of firearm as if it is somehow worse than any other. It is the person using the gun, not the gun itself,” Patilo said, really illustrating the point that the gun. Lobby’s or campaign to remove guns had been aided by the Government, media, and entertainment over the years to demonized a certain type of scary-looking weapon for the purpose of building control over gun owners.

The RT video happens at the same time the Washington Examiner reported on Democrat Joe Biden’s gun grab in an article titled, NRA challenges Biden’s clownish gun advice and Kerry’s phantom ‘AR-16’.

“As the gun debate begins to heat up, the nation’s gun lobby is pointing out what little President Joe Biden and his team know about weapons or why people feel the need to protect themselves.

In a new four-minute video, the National Rifle Association asks, “Why is it that the people who want to take our guns know absolutely nothing about them?”

The video leaves the mockery of Biden, spokeswoman Jen Psaki, and world climate czar John Kerry to key Republican shooters, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Burgess Owens of Utah, and North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.”

Biden’s gun grab effort also comes as a historic number of people own a historic number of guns, including women and minorities concerned about protecting themselves.

The NRA and other groups are warning pro-gun people that any law will tangle with them, not just criminals. To show the lack of knowledge on guns further in the administration, the video also played Kerry’s reference to “AR-16s.” There is no such thing.

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