Cultural Marxism At Play: How Much Do Sports Fans Like Social Justice?

Posted by on April 6, 2021 6:04 pm

Passively allowing the many third-world guerilla political movements on the left to institutionalize the ‘permanent revolution’ industry in America has gotten to the point finally where Americans are starting to feel some discomfort and push back a little bit. Polls are showing that Sports fans are not buying Social Justice in their games.

35% of sports fans said they watched less sports because of woke political messaging. And ratings pretty much reflect they aren’t lying about it,” Yahoo News reported this week. 

According to their article, “worth noting is that Independents came in somewhere in the middle, with about 8.7 percent saying they watched more sports in the social justice era, and about 38.6 percent saying they watched less.

The Yahoo News survey was conducted by YouGov using a nationally representative sample of 1,606 U.S. adults interviewed online between March 22-25, 2021. Respondents were asked, “How has the discussion of politics in sports on social media impacted your viewing habits,” and given the option to answer that they watched more sports, fewer sports, or the same, with a breakout option to state that they are not sports fans at all.”


Progressives have dominated sports news mixing coverage of events with actual activism for years; however, in early April, sports fans have reached peak annoyance with attempts of “woke” capitalism to impact fans directly.

Now people are angry and tuning out.

Note that progressive media like MSNBC has jumped in with both feet, demanding viewers “rise up”:


However, according to Yahoo News, it is not going as well in real life as it goes on in the left’s fantasies.

“In the wake of last summer’s social justice protests, which consumed sports for much of the second half of 2020, nearly half of all Americans changed their sports viewing habits, according to a new YouGov / Yahoo News poll. As athletes and leagues embraced a new, progressive strategy aimed at amplifying messages of social justice and political advocacy, some Americans began watching more sports, but about three times as many watched less,” Yahoo reported.

“Men were more likely to turn away from sports as a result of social messages; 37.6 percent of males said they had tuned in less, as opposed to 28 percent of females. Meanwhile, 13 percent of men said they watched more sports in the wake of social justice movements, as opposed to only 7 percent of women,” according to the polls.

“The breakdown by political party runs as might be expected given the tenor of the national conversation around sports. About 13.7 percent of Democrats say they watched more sports in the wake of social justice movements, while 19 percent watched less. On the other hand, only about 8.6 percent of Republicans watched more sports, while 53 percent watched less once social justice messaging became prominent,” they reported.


Noteworthy is that even though the social justice push in the news is not economically beneficial, the media keep at it, hoping to shape public opinion.


Here is an NBC reported who is misleading people without giving any evidence. What is Rachel’s definition of a “long-long” time?  Look at her gaslighting, now attempting to blame the shift in viewership to Republicans finally responding to the cultural marxism of using sports to push activism.

And of course, as all activism does at some point, the left’s intersection of cultural marxism in sports leads to the push for changes with “transgenderism”.  Sports is going to be the battlefield for cultural marxism.

And the battle is between Economic Nationalists and Cultural Marxists.

You will be made to affirm transgenderism. That is the victory the left is focused on.

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