Man Admits On CNN To Extorting Gaetz Family: Third World Politics In America

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There is a strange and twisting tale unfolding in the United States, coming out of DC that involves all of the elements of third-world regimes. Extortion, sex, bribery, coordinated harassment by a democratic mob, political influence, mercenaries, fake news, and media show trials.

“WATCH: Chris Cuomo Questions Former Air Force Intel Officer Gaetz Accused of Being Part of Extortion Scheme,” wrote Josh Feldman for

In describing a confusing clip from CNN, Feldman wrote, “CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke Monday night with Bob Kent, the former Air Force intel officer who Congressman Matt Gaetz accused of being part of a scheme to extort him.”


“Why did you put it that way, that there was an indictment about to be filed against his son, and why did you tee up the legal problems?” Cuomo asked.

“Matt Gaetz was in need, or if the allegations are true, he’s in need of some goodwill from the government. I’m in need of a sponsor to fund the rescue project,” Kent responded.

“What if people take that to be an implied threat?” Cuomo followed up.

“There is no threat. I don’t have anything to do with the indictment. I don’t have anything to do with the investigation into Matt Gaetz,” Kent responded.

Cuomo continued to question Kent, including asking him more directly why he brought up “the trouble that his son was in” when he didn’t need to.

The Epoch Times reported on the clip and wrote, “Former #USAirForce officer Bob Kent said he did take part in an effort to solicit $25 million from@RepMattGaetz’s father, but denied that the effort was #Extortion.”

When asked, Kent said that he hoped Gaetz Sr. was wearing a wire. The interview is awkward and weird.

Watch the full clip:


In the clip, Kent is heard saying that he didn’t actually know anything about an FBI investigation; he was just repeating rumors and gossip that he had heard.

The Daily Beast reported, “Bob Kent, the key figure in the Matt Gaetz extortion allegations, claims to CNN that he didn’t actually know the feds were investigating Gaetz. “I don’t have any information on a federal investigation. Those were just rumors that were circulating.”


The Hill reported on Gossip Queen of Daytime Talk, Meghan McCain. She is also circulating gossip and rumors, even admitting there is no evidence, no data, and possibly no probe. Still, she wants Gaetz removed from office over it all, and quickly before anyone gets a chance to investigate.


Here is the narrative that the left wants people to see, without any data, without any evidence, without any due rights; the left wants us to see that Gaetz is guilty as charged by the media and must pay the consequences.

Due to an absence of Civics training for American citizens, many people don’t understand what is wrong with how the left operates, believe that they are practicing “Democracy” or rule by mob.

The left is driven into greedy, emotional responses and easily mobilized against a target as a way to exploit any situation because of years and years of training.

Consider this post by a woman who identifies herself on Twitter as: “Single Mom, USAF Vet, Engineer. Former Democratic Nominee for Congress in CA23 against Kevin McCarthy.”

Has there been a trial yet? An actual investigation of anything?  Or just leaked stories from the usual suspects who often push propaganda on Americans in hopes of shaping public opinion.

We know for a fact that the Intelligence Community has designed massive disinformation campaigns against the American people as recently as yesterday in their attempt to gain control of the narrative and keep their massive political power.  Look up events around the US Capitol from January 6th.

Lisa Boothe points out what many people are seeing:

And in the end, something is missing, which is an accuser.  The left hopes that people are so busy focusing on the “bread and circuses,” the political theater, that they forget, no one has actually accused Matt Gaetz of anything.

And that should tell you who they are afraid will win future elections.

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