Brutal Op-Ed In Moderate WSJ Shows Mainstream Anger Over ‘Woke Religion’

Posted by on April 7, 2021 6:05 pm

The Wall Street Journal News is left-leaning, yet the Editorial page has been somewhat moderate over the years, until Tuesday when an Op-Ed appeared and basically took the “pain off the walls” of the Democrat leftist movements by giving them smackdown based on historical facts.

“The C-Suite Converts to the New Political Religion, Today’s CEOs are like Thomas Cranmer, the 16th-century archbishop with his finger to the wind,” wrote Gerard Baker for The Wall Street Journal.

Baker draws a parallel to the behavior of the Democrat/Left push to use corporations to control public opinion to a religious movement, with all of its pitfalls of worshiping false idols.

Using the current events around the Democrat’s audacious pressure on corporate cultural icons to punish Republicans over a voting Bill in Georgia, as in the case of Delta Air Lines, Coke, and Major League Baseball to remove their All-Star Games.

Baker sees something very sinister emerging, and it reminds him of violent religious conflicts.

“The history of religious war offers warnings for all of us, but most of all for those late converts to the new religion in the big corner offices of American corporations,” he wrote.

“The men who run Major League Baseball, Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola and other giants have been quick to mouth the required antiphony of the modern liturgy. After long careers in which they seemed happy to let their talents propel them to unimaginable wealth, they’ve now discovered that the society that elevated them was founded in evil,” Baker wrote shaking social media.


“Easter Week, as the culture wars rage on, is a timely moment to reflect on the religious nature of the modern ideology our leaders seek to impose on us.

Astute historians have observed that the wars of religion that seemed to define pre-Enlightenment history never really went away; the religions just got new labels. Secular ideologies that supplanted the old confessions seized the mind with the same sense of spiritual mission. The loyalties they demanded were more divisive and even more destructive than anything organized religion ever managed.

In the 19th century, it was nationalism. In the 20th, communism, and fascism. In the 21st woke cultural nihilism is the dominant confession, and a fanatical one,” Baker wrote.

And gives warning about religious wars of the past as an indicator to beware of the future over corporate pressure like they have shown over Georgia’s new voting laws.

“The rush by corporate leaders to denounce Georgia’s new voting law will rank in infamy as one of the most cowardly, cynical and socially destructive moves in modern American history,” Baker wrote.


“But to some religions facts are irrelevant, and bowing to the pressure from the media and Democrats, these titans of private enterprise quickly submitted to the collective will.

Since they’ve now been drafted into the army of the woke, these CEOs might want to acquaint themselves with other historical figures who’ve made accommodations to the prevailing religious orthodoxy. It doesn’t always end well,” Bake wrote.

“These days, thank God, the fire is figurative, but it may still consume a CEO or two,” he ended his piece.



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