ARREST: [VIDEO)] BLM-New Black Panthers, Activists Storm Iowa Capitol With Intent To Harm, In Planned Organized Uprising

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A group of organized Community Organizers and activists from a Facebook group called New Black Panther Nation of Minnesota attended a planned rally and storming of the Iowa State Capitol to protest bills they did not like, resulting in the arrest of one participant on Thursday.

A Facebook poster who identifies as Cortez Rice, an activist from Minneapolis MN, posted hour-long footage of the planned rally called “Kill the Bill,” where a small group of participants had a rally in support of George Floyd, claiming they wanted to defund the police and also “kill voting” bills that were being discussed at the Iowa State Capitol on Thursday.

Frequently in the view, Rice is heard saying that if the group didn’t get what they wanted, they would shut down the Capitol.

In a shorter video that went viral, the arrest is seen of a young Black girl who is identified as a “High School student”:

In Rice’s video is the before and aftermath of the arrest, showing the group discussing radical Marxist tactics to push for defunding the police, as well as a list of other demands the far-left political organizing group wanted, as inspired by the actions of Community Organizers in Georgia, who have started a determined Marxist campaign against the State government there over voting rights bills.

It is unknown if this is a copycat or if Rice is coordinating with the Georgia uprisings, Sen. Warnock, and Activist Stacy Abrams.


In the video, a group is seen and heard talking about numerous issues they have while rallying on the capitol’s steps while laying on the ground at the Capitol and organizing on the outside grounds. It is clear that the group intended to take over the Capitol area for their demands and to prevent people from using the building for business.

Rice claims, in a press release the event for Thursday was a combination of social justice events, including anger over the death of an infant, voting bills, and the trial for the death of George Floyd.

In another release for the New Black Panthers, Rice focuses on the death of an infant.

Thursday, April 8, 2021, at 4:30 PM EDT – 5 PM EDT
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The New Black Panther Nation Minnesota will be holding a Press Release 4/8/21 at the scene where a shooting took place that nearly murdered a 1 year old infant.

The Local Chairman Of The New Black Panther Nation Minnesota brother Nasiy Nasir says…
“You can’t speak about white crime when it’s more crime within our community amongst each other”.
After shots fired at a vehicle in St. Paul, the toddler was taken to hospital with a minor injury. A 1-year-old girl suffered a minor injury when someone fired gunshots at a vehicle on St. Paul’s East Side, police said.
Doctors weren’t able to determine if the child had a graze wound from a bullet or if she was cut by glass from a broken vehicle window on Monday afternoon, according to a police report.
Police are investigating what led to the incident on the border of the Eastview and Conway neighborhoods.

Officers were dispatched to White Bear Avenue and Conway Street at about 4:15 p.m. on multiple reports of a shooting. They found an unoccupied sedan in the middle of the street and numerous bullet casings at the scene said Sgt. Natalie Davis, a police spokeswoman.”


Another video account of the events:

Some people might call this an insurrection. This story is developing.



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