TRUTH SCORES: American Mainstream Media Do Know How To Validate A Story, When It’s Important To Them

Posted by on April 10, 2021 3:03 pm

Instead of Social Scoring for American citizens, we should have “Truth-telling Scores” for our journalists and media. Here is how to start, see how they validate their stories.

After a full week of watching the most elite of the American media run with a baseless story about US House Rep. Matt Gaetz, the American Mainstream Media (MSM) proves that they actually do know how to validate a story when it comes to anything that goes against their personal narrative that Conservatives and Republicans are bad.

Notable is that yet they go hog wild on any tidbit of gossip that will destroy Americans who don’t vote as they do, as with the Gaetz or anything about “Russian disinformation.”

If we were serious about an authentic press in this country, people would notice two stories from this week, the death of Rapper “DMX” and the persecution of a Twitter User who criticized US House Rep. “AOC.”


The following statement is my opinion; citizens are free people; however, if a person wants to be called a journalist and chooses to go into that professional field, they should voluntarily submit to having their work scrutinized by a public panel of citizens with no participation in activism, for their work to be evaluated for evidence of the truth.

Consider the story of Rapper DMX, who passed away Friday after a week-long hospitalization. Immediately upon his death, SNOPES published their point of view:

Context: This rumor comes from an unnamed source quoted in a gossip magazine that has published inaccurate information on more than one occasion. As of this writing, there’s no evidence that COVID-19 or a COVID-19 vaccine played any part in DMX’s death,” Snopes reported within an hour of the announcement being made that DMX had died.

Good for them for jumping on. However, that is not always their pattern. They should be evaluated regularly to propagandize readers because of their clear desire to set a narrative.

The following is what we call “Click-bait.” The source of the story that DMX had to receive the vaccine shortly before his death appears to come from a publication called, Washington News Post, which claims to have interviewed a family member who is not named; the unnamed person claimed that the rapper had gotten the vaccine some short time before his death. Mentioning that they interviewed someone and not giving their name is a clear sign of gossip. This news organization should be given a strike for that, especially because this is a high-profile death, and people are very concerned about the vaccine.

Sadly, that is enough information for a  former NYT writer Alex Berenson, with a blue checkmark, to spout off.   Berenson is a social media influencer who ran with the story adding a comment, “I warned you,” seeing the story as an opportunity to promote their personal narrative. Both the New York Times and this poster should be given a strike for promoting Gossip, and this person should be evaluated for posting gossip while using that blue checkmark.

The New York Times should be evaluating people with blue checkmarks who use their names to promote gossip. Two strikes for them for their history of activist writers who put out false information.

This is called bias. Consider this story by a Democrat Socialist journalist with the intercept who snaps into action when a false story is attributed to favored US House Rep. Alexandria Cortez. To investigate whether she made a charge against a Twitter user who was visited by the police, Ryan Grim is immediately checking the story and use his position to clear the representative of any negative press.

He does a solid deep dive into the story to clear her name. However, his support of Anti-American causes and personalities is curious.

In the Constitutional Republic, a Democrat Socialist should be identified for his obvious bias and monitored for his bias against our legal system. Look at his timeline for his obvious anti-American perspective. He gets a strike.

As American citizens, we have the right to support people and issues that are of interest to us; however, if we seek to inform the American public of information and facts, we should be scrutinized much more than has been happening.  A free press is to serve free people, and currently, it is only independent media that is getting “fact-checked” by far-left activists and shut out of distribution. If America is going to be restored, we need to do much better than that.

The first step toward that end is the American people need to understand who they are giving clicks to and who they are reposting to get more clicks.  It all begins with the citizens.



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