Republican Attorneys General Plan To Create Legal Roadblocks For Biden Agenda

Posted by on April 11, 2021 3:03 pm

GOP AGs have a real cause to worry as we see more and more of Biden’s radical agenda. The Republicans can only stop bills that can be filibustered. Other bills could get thwarted by Senators such as Manchin and Sinema, but how do we stop the rest of the agenda. The GOP is taking a page out of the liberal playbook and will challenge everything in court. What they can’t kill, they can delay indefinitely.

So far in the first three months, state AGs have sued over climate change, energy, immigration, and taxation. And they are not done yet. They intend to fight Biden over his many unconstitutional Executive Orders. There will be lawsuits over guns and many other topics on the liberal wish list. Republican Attorneys General Association Chairman Jeff Landry is leading the way on two of the lawsuits.

Landry said:

“We are sharpening the pencils and filling up the inkwells.” 

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said Republican attorneys generals believe that with gridlock in the Senate, the states are the last line of defense against these bills.

Knudsen said:

“When you step in on day one and start issuing edicts and executive orders like King George, I and a lot of other conservative Republicans are going to start having problems.”

“State attorneys general are coming into their own and realizing they can be an effective pushback against an overreaching executive.” 

From The Daily Caller

In March, Knudsen led a coalition of 21 states to sue the Biden over his executive order revoking the federal permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline. Weeks earlier, Montana joined forces with Arizona, filing a lawsuit against the president over his executive order blocking deportations.

Landry, meanwhile, has led legal challenges against Biden over his executive order banning new oil and gas leases on federal lands and his orders that have allegedly contributed to immigration authorities releasing criminal illegal immigrants into the U.S.

“Democrats are basically hell bent on overreaching, overspending, over-regulating,” Landry said. “All things that have detrimental long term effects on job creation, and overall stability for the country.”

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