Undercover Video Shows School Officials In Wake Co. North Carolina Say ‘Go Around’ Parents, To Affirm Even Elementary Kid’s Gender Choice

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I attended a PTA meeting for Wake Co. North Carolina on March 20, and in this article, I will explain what I saw that should outrage parents.  A group of educators in an Inclusion seminar were discussing how to go around a parent’s consent regarding what pronoun a child uses to identify their gender so that the child, who may be transgender, could be affirmed by the school without parental consent or approval.

Talking about identifying a child as young as elementary school, education professionals in Wake Co. North Carolina agreed, “you do… you don’t need to be connecting… or contacting the parents for every certain little thing, right?” Kori Hennessey, the facilitator of the PTA meeting on Trendsgender 101, said.

“This Virtual Conference will take place on Saturday, March 20, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We will offer a variety of 45 minutes workshops during the day, with a special lunch and learn session taking place from 11:45 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. Please register as soon as possible; the deadline is March 14, 2021,” the Google sign-up form reads.

According to AP Dillion, who reported on the same PTA Meeting, describing the meeting as a series of groups who were actually  “A small membership is dictating leftist ideology, social justice, and critical race theory topics to millions of parents in North Carolina, and to the tens hundreds of thousands of parents in Wake County.”

And she is right, as exposed in the following video of the March 20th PTA meeting.


Kori Hennessey (they/them) is the Director of Education & Programs at LGBT Center of Raleigh Pronouns: They/Them/Their led the discussion in the Transgender 101 breakout with women from Wake County Public Schools, PTA to talk about what school officials should do if a child wishes to be identified as a Transgender, and the parents do not consent or are not supportive.

The footage starts with Hennessey talking to a group of women about when a child wants to be addressed by a genre pronoun that does not match their birth records, and when the parents have specifically not consented to the change in pronouns.

“Can the school give the children resources and affirm the child without the parent’s support?  Where are the lines of parental rights and well-being of the child,”  asked Tisha Shah.

The moderator had just removed a parent for asking a question and not being “affirming.”

“There are situations where there needs to be, especially with a child who is with school counselors; there is a confidentiality part of that, right? Where, if a student is coming to you as a counselor saying like, look, I really, you know just want to talk this out, and there is confidentiality… there are things. unless the student is showing that they are going to harm themselves or harm others… there is a part where.. a point where… you know there is… you do… you don’t need to be connecting… or contacting the parents for every certain little thing, right?” Hennessey said.

“Right, right,” Shah said.

“And I know that gets to be very ah… the lines kind of get confusing and blurred because you are like ok, so what is the responsibility, what is a liability of the school, etc., etc.. however, there are resources that you all are able to provide by the student, and I think that at a point then you can’t say, ok, well I am going to give you advice, and I am going to do this, or this or this.. right?” Hennessey said.

Hennessey can be heard rambling and being unclear about what was being communicated.

“Mindy had put into the chat talking about The Trevor Project, that is a really good one for um… students to a, you know, look into on their own time or you as a teacher. As a counselor, it is a really good option to look into. Thank you, Mindy for that. So if you want to add anything to that,” Hennessey said.

The Trevor Project is a website with content about how to affirm a young person who believes they are transgender.

Enter Mindy Covin a Media Specialist 

Mindy Covin asked, “so Tisha, you are a Wake County Teacher?”

“um, no.  I am a parent in Wake County, but I’m a Speech Therapist for another School where this situation has come up, but it is not a Wake County School.  It is a virtual school,” Shah said.

“I recommend following up for sure with me, by email.  I am a teacher and librarian, and I can provide some resources for that it is a tricky situation, um, so and we want to be respectful,” Covin said.

It sounds as if the school librarians have resources for children to help them affirm their new identity choices.

“Right, right.  I am not directly involved with all of this but um, the counselor and two (computer froze),” Shah said.

Enter Lora Pilcher who is a mental health counselor in North Carolina, who chimed in.

“Well, the best thing to be affirming for me is to …that you are going to need the parent’s permission to legally change the name on the birth certificate, that is something that North Carolina just passed that you are going to legally be able to use their preferred names on their documents, you on their school documents and on their transcripts and on their graduation certificate things like that so that obviously would require parents permission. But really, to be affirming, you can use their names in the classroom like as you are referring to them, and that goes miles with students, that is really what they want, can you use my correct pronouns and my correct name.  I can not tell you how many times working with youth that I hear my teacher won’t use my correct pronouns, they purposefully misgender me, they purposefully use the wrong names,” Picher said.

So the school professionals know that they need parents’ permission and consent and are talking about how to go around the parents, disregard their known wishes, or pretend they didn’t know and go ahead and do what the child claims they want.

“That is kind of what I was wondering if there is some rule about that because they know that I am a kinda LGBTQ kind of advocate, so I think that is why I am kind of brought into the conversation, but I don’t directly work with this student.  The Guidance counselor and teachers want to support the student,  but for whatever reason, they think that they are not allowed to use the chosen name without the parent’s permission…” Shah said.

How does Shah not know about parental rights? How do the school officials not have a very well cited legal set of criteria for these massive school disruptions into gender ID?

“Well, you don’t need parent’s permission to address a .. do you.. so when you have a child in the class, and you use a nickname, do you ask the parent’s permission?” Picher said.

So the difference between Lora and Lorie is the same difference as using massive school resources and time of all students to identify a child as a different gender than they are.

“Right..” Shah said.

“I can’t tell you how many teachers I grew up with that would call me Lorie when my name is Lora, or that pet nickname for me, and they didn’t ask my parent’s permission to use that nickname; it is just that same concept,” Picher said.

Picher seems to believe that children should be allowed to disrupt others’ education to demand to be called by a different gender.  In my day, kids called in fake bomb threats to get out of a day of instruction.

“For sure, Sing said. “I gave that same example, but I don’t know where they are hearing the whole information,” Shah said.

So she wasn’t being affirmed by the other teachers, and apparently, now she wants to get more firm with them.

“Well, if it comes from, a lot of it is fueled by bias,” Picher said.

Bias, that word is used a lot in these Equity programs.

“Yeah, for sure, for sure, “Shah said.

Of course, it is everyone else’s bias that is causing the problems, not their bias against parents of the children. Of course.

Hennessey comes back in.  “Someone was asking about elementary school resources; if teachers had those, I think there will be a couple of info sheets going around with resources on them that will be really helpful. And Umm. if you want to do a little bit bigger dive, deeper dive into especially into those younger ages like elementary school umm.. definitely reach out to… there is an umm… there are a couple of things that I have in mind that I can probably point to you to, but I would have to get them, you know… links and stuff, but there are resources and literature and whatnot that you can look into” Hennessey said.

They are talking about children in elementary school.  It is curious what other “resources” the school librarians have. If I were a parent with children in Wake Co. Schools, I would want to know.

“Thanks, Kori, this is Christine; as a PTA Board member feeling like you know we have funding to support something that is not provided by the county, you know what I mean, that we could provide for… I am not sure what they have.  I guess that would be my… to touch base with guidance counselors, but just wondering what we could do to help… you know as at the elementary school level, ” Christine Stone asked.

Here is a parent on the Inclusion and diversity committee of the school board who is concerned that some teachers won’t go along with her ideas about Gender, and she wants to use PTA funds to purchase materials that affirm a child’s choice of gender.

“Christine, are you on the PTA board? Covin asked.

“Yes,” Stone said.

“County or for child’s school?” Covin said.

“For my child’s school,” Stone said.

“Speak with the child’s librarian, and follow up with me as well,” Covin said.

So more librarians have more resources. Great.

“Okay, great idea. Awesome,” Stone said.

And the discussion went on about how the Wake County Equity Department could be used in schools to persuade teachers who were hesitant to join the diversity and inclusion groups.

Stone and Covin discuss how to pressure teachers to go along with their plan that school officials affirm children without the consent of parents.


From DIllion’s article, “What do your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) dollars pay for in Wake County? According to an email from the Wake County PTA Council announcing a “Diversity and Equity Inclusion Conference,” those dollars may be funding sessions such as “Male engagement,” “Transgender 101,” and becoming an “LGBTQ+ Youth Ally.”

And there you have it Wake County. This is what your publically funded Equity Department is spending a huge amount of time and resources on. No one from the Wake Co PTA talked about reaching families to help kids learn how to do reading, writing, or Math; remember those topics?

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