Duante Wright’s Outstanding Warrant Was For Attempted Robbery And Choking His Female Victim While Holding Her At Gunpoint

Posted by on April 14, 2021 9:04 pm

There have now been three nights of riots and unrest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota that were incited by the accidental police shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man who was pulled over for a traffic stop and then resisted arrest when officers learned he had an outstanding warrant. One of the officers thought she grabbed a Taser but mistakenly grabbed her firearm and shot Wright, who then drove his car away from the scene only to crash into another car down the street.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon released body camera footage of the incident and told reporters at a news conference that it was an accidental shooting. The officer who mistakenly shot and killed Wright was removed from duty, then resigned, and may face criminal charges. It was a tragedy for sure, but it was an accident. Wright’s death is no reason to attack a city, loot from businesses, and attack police.

What was Wright’s outstanding warrant for? According to court documents, Daunte Wright was facing an attempted robbery charge in which he allegedly choked a woman and then held her at gunpoint. A charming fellow, to be sure.

On Tuesday, the New York Post published court records revealing that Wright, with another man, Emajay Driver, were both charged with first-degree robbery back in December 2019. They tried to steal $820 from their female victim.

Hennepin County documents say that the two idiots Wright and Driver were at the woman’s apartment and when the three of them were leaving that’s when Wright “turned around and blocked the door preventing victim from leaving.”

At that point, Wright pulled out a gun and pointed it at the woman. He told her to give him the cash her roommate just gave to her for rent. What a guy, stealing someone’s rent money.

“Are you serious?” the victim asked, according to a statement.

Wright then purportedly responded saying, “Give me the f***ing money, I know you have it.” He then choked the woman twice while fighting with her and then threatened to shoot her as he tried to snatch the money from her bra, which is where she put it after the roommate handed her the cash.

The police officers who pulled him over knew this. That’s why he was being arrested. They knew he was the kind of lowlife dirtbag who stole a woman’s rent money, threatened to shoot and kill her, and choked her out more than once. How would you have handled the situation knowing the guy you pulled over is capable of those things and then he starts scuffling with you when you try to put cuffs on him. And when he leaps back into his vehicle to drive away, possibly using the vehicle to attack you, what do you do? You fire a Taser at the guy who won’t stop fighting with you. And that’s what the officer did, except she mistakenly grabbed her gun instead of her Taser. None of that will make it into the Fake News columns when they push their narrative that cops are hunting down black men.

The Daily Mail reported that Wright’s bail was set at $100,000 and that a bail bondsman put up $40,000 and he was released. But then his bail was revoked last July because he failed to not possess a firearm or ammunition and he did not keep in touch with his probation office, according to court papers.

So he just cost the bondsman forty grand and do you think Wright cares about that?

Mr. Wonderful was set to face trial on an attempted aggravated robbery charge and a 20 year prison sentence for what he did.

The Post reported that “the case was still pending” when Brooklyn Center police officers pulled him over and she resisted arrest.

Fox News reported that Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, said her son called her as he was being pulled over for having air fresheners hanging in his rear-view mirror – an offense in Minnesota.

“All he did was have air fresheners in the car, and they told him to get out of the car,” the mother said, and that she heard someone say, “Daunte, don’t run,” right before the call ended.

Police said Wright was driving around with expired tags and he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Officer Kim Potter resigned Tuesday, and so did the Brooklyn Center police chief, Tim Gannon.

On Monday, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott took over the police department after a vote by the city council. The council also fired the City Manager Curt Boganey because he had the audacity to respond to a reporter’s question that the officer would get due process. You now live in a world where you could lose your job by pointing out that everyone has due process rights.


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