Famous Democrat Mega Donor & Infamous Criminal Found Dead

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High profile Democrat politicians and their uber wealthy benefactors sure seem to have an abnormally high number of deranged criminals among them.

Some of the most disgusting are from Hollywood.  Take Harvey Weinstein for example, he was a fixture at west coast fundraisers for the Clinton Crime Family and other notorious Democrats:

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I would list all the sex criminals that have donated to the left, but that would take forever.  Instead, there is another kind of criminal that loves the Democrat Party … financial criminals.

Did you know that Open Secrets reported that ‘Madoff and Company Spent Nearly $1 Million on Washington Influence’

When you dig in you find that, that million was given nearly exclusively to one party … the Democrat Party.

Open Secrets reported:

‘The man behind a $50 billion Ponzi scheme that has roiled Wall Street and shaken up the nonprofit world was also a long-time contributor to Democrats, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics has found. Bernard Madoff was arrested last Thursday and charged with operating a fraudulent money-management business with which he advised investors, hedge funds and institutions, including charitable foundations.

Madoff made a fortune, and he played politics with some of that money. In total, he and his wife, Ruth, have given $238,200 to federal candidates, parties and committees since 1991, with Democrats getting 88 percent of that.

Open Secrets also reveals that it was not just Bernie, but others at the criminal outfit that loved the left:

Overall, Madoff and other individuals at his company, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, gave $372,100 in campaign contributions since 1991, with 89 percent to Democrats. The firm spent $590,000 on lobbying in the last 11 years, all but $10,000 of it with the lobbying firm of Lent, Scrivner & Roth. A search for funds with “Madoff” in their title in lawmakers’ personal investments did not find any members of Congress with their own funds invested with him.

The following party committees, PACs and current members of Congress have received contributions from Madoff and his wife since the 1992 election cycle:’

As you can see Senator Schumer was one of the biggest recipients of Madoff’s dirty money.  Of course, Hillary Clinton also got her beak wet.

Well, the man who ruined countless lives is now dead.

Newsmax reported:

Bernie Madoff, who was convicted of running the largest known Ponzi scheme in history, died on Wednesday in federal prison where he was serving a 150-year sentence, the Bureau of Prisons said. He was 82.

Madoff, who sufffered from chronic kidney failure and several other medical ailments, died at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, apparently from natural causes, a source told The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

He was imprisoned after being sentenced in June 2009 for engineering a fraud estimated as high as $64.8 billion.

Last year, Madoff’s lawyers filed court papers to try to get him released from prison in the COVID-19 pandemic, saying he had suffered from end-stage renal disease and other chronic medical conditions. The request was denied.

Madoff admitted swindling thousands of clients out of billions of dollars in investments over decades.

Among those he betrayed were the actors Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick and John Malkovich; baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax; and a charity associated with director Steven Spielberg.

Owners of the New York Mets, longtime Madoff clients, struggled for years to field a good baseball team because of losses they suffered.

“We thought he was God. We trusted everything in his hands,” Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, whose foundation lost $15.2 million, said in 2009.

Some victims lost everything. Many came from the Jewish community, where Madoff had been a major philanthropist.’

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