Kamala Harris Takes Race Baiting To Another Level … Systematic Racism & Pregnancy Comment Is Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

Posted by on April 14, 2021 4:03 am
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Every time I see Kamala Harris speak, never mind when I see her get asked an actual question ( … that cackle, what the hell is that?!?) I just shake my head and wonder how she got to be VP of the United States.  Then, as I’m shaking my head I realize … well, never mind.

The woman is perhaps the lest personable, least competent member of the United States government … and she is one heart attack, one strike, one touching the wrong man’s wife inappropriately, away from being POTUS.

When I was growing up, we judged people by their deeds.  Coaches and teachers told ALL kids that they could become anything they wanted, but it would take work.  We used to hear things like ‘life’s not fair’.  We knew that it may be harder for a child from a poor family to make it than one from a well of clan.

However, we did not tell everyone that they were not able to succeed, that they were victims, condemned to failure, and we surely did not blame everything on one group based on their skin color.

Now a days, we have half the nation pushing this BS story that minorities are not capable of success because of their skin color … because, not only is that not true, but that’s f****** RACIST!  That doesn’t stop our VP from playing the race card.

Boy is it rich to hear the #2 politician in the most powerful nation in the world, who happens to be black, tell other minorities they can’t succeed because of their race. But wait, it gets even worse than that …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Kamala Harris on Tuesday said black women in the US are more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications because of “systemic racial inequities.”

“Black women in our country are facing a maternal health crisis,” Kamala said. “Black women are 2-3 times more likely to die in connection with child birth than other women. “We know the primary reasons why—systemic racial inequities and implicit bias—and the consequences are both very real.”

Not a word about the health problems black women have entering pregnancy.

A lot of black women are overweight or obese and suffer from diabetes which increases the chance of having a heart attack, stroke or preeclampsia.

If you want to talk about ‘institutional racism’ let’s talk about Planned Parenthood, the KKK and their ties to the Democrat Party.  In MYC over 50% of black babies are aborted, and the sickest part is that the Dems have gotten minorities to cheer for abortions, as if it were some sacrament to kill their children.

Bottom line: Yes, babies are dying due to ‘systematic racial inequalities and implicit bias’ … it’s called abortions.  How the left can endorse killing black babies at such an alarming rate and not have their constituency catch on to the inherit racism in that policy is beyond my comprehension.

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