Video: ‘Trump Ballot[s] Defaulted To Biden’ up to 12% of Ballots Switched By … [Video]

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A pattern has developed that is very troubling because it can easily be used to affect elections. This phenomenon is unique to the 2020 election and the Democrats will fight to keep the practice alive. I’m talking about ballot adjudication. The federal government sets an acceptable adjudication average of one in 250,000 but in the swing states, the average is ridiculous. In Arizona, the adjudication rate was 1 out of 8.

That number probably seems high considering the acceptable rate is one in 250,000, but that number is low considering cities and counties known for election shenanigans. There were three witnesses who testified that the adjudication rate was very high. Here is what they said accompanied by what time they began testifying since the video is so long:

Jan Bryant (starts 6:35:47)

“1 in 8 ballots were getting adjudicated” (6:48:04) equals 12.5%

She worked 6 straight days & nights at MCTEC. She has an MBA/Project Mgmt background.

Greg Wadinski (starts 7:03:34)

“Overheard that 12% ballots were going to adjudication…” (7:10:40).

MCTEC poll watcher (strong tech background).

Linda Brickman (8:52:00)

Moving names from the original ballot to the sample ballot some of those ballots were already completed (9:20:21)

As soon as we entered a Trump ballot it defaulted to a Biden vote (9:02:15 & 9:14:36)…. Partisan staff took Trump voted ballots and entered his name as a write-in candidate, which got those ballots tossed.

She worked four 8-10 hour days at MCTEC in several capacities. She’s also the GOP Chairwomen for Maricopa County

But 12.5% is very low compared to other parts of the country. Let’s look at Fulton County. That’s the county where Biden made up his huge deficit.

106,000 ballots were adjudicated. NeverTrump Brad Raffensperger was able to get a judge to only allow scans and not view the actual ballots. That’s as worthless as a milk bucket under a bull because they can’t see the original ballots to see if they were changed during the adjudication process. I just hope the good people of Georgia retires him from politics in 2022. He should not be covering up for what happened in the counting of votes.

From Ammoland from Nevada:

Prast wrote an explanation of how mail-in ballots were counted in Clark County. This paragraph is remarkable, given the information from Antrim County in Michigan. From

All mail ballots in Clark County were counted first by running them through a digital scanner. If the scanner cannot read the ballot or determine the voter’s intent, the ballot is sent to an adjudication or duplication team, both of which are overseen by a bipartisan election board. County elections officials have said about 70 percent of ballots are sent to be reviewed by elections officials.

We are talking about 210,000 ballots in Clark County which would go through this process. Was each one looked at individually, by bi-partisan observers of the “board”?

How else would ballots, which have already been judged by the scanning machine, as beyond the ability of the scanner to read, be interpreted? A 70% rejection of ballots by scanner seems absurdly high.

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