“Come on, Let’s go!”…BLM Rioters Challenged by Fed Up Louisville Outdoor Diners [Video]

Posted by on May 3, 2021 3:03 am

Great things are happening now that America has opened back up after the COVID pandemic. Traditions like the Kentucky Derby had people in attendance this year after a minimal crowd last year. Restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky, had to be thrilled with the resurgence in tourism because of the derby. Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter decided to show up to threaten people just out to have a good time during the Kentucky Derby weekend.

A video taken by local reporter Haynes Gardner shows BLM showing up to taunt people dining outside at an upscale Louisville restaurant. One of the BLM group members was armed, but a restaurant patron pulled out a small pistol (see below). Another man having dinner challenged the BLM group saying, “Come on, Let’s go!” This group of Americans wasn’t going to back down from BLM thugs.

The video below shows the BLM group taunting the outdoor diners who do not cower in fear:

The small pistol in the video is a real pistol that is easy to conceal made by North American Arms company in Utah:


The BLM group marched and tried to make a scene complete with a banner on an airplane: