Video: Victor Davis Hanson Warns The “Woke” Leftists This One Thing Is Killing Their Movement

Posted by on May 10, 2021 3:04 am

Victor Davis Hanson is a national treasure who puts the left’s craziness in perspective to give conservatives hope that the “woke” movement will die.

Lee Smith interviewed Hanson at the Freedom Festival, where they discussed racism, China, and beyond.

“…Racism…it’s everywhere, and so it’s nowhere, and I think everybody knows now that the way that the woke movement will die is when they call you a racist, you smile and say, “so what, I don’t care, you call me anything in the world it has no effect on me.” …And I think we’re about that far from getting there because if enough people just say no, it has no effect. I could care less what you call me.”

Hanson warns the left that the namecalling using racism for everything makes nothing racist. He says the answer for conservatives is to shrug the namecalling off, and it will kill their movement.