Video: Shocking Answers From Students On What Memorial Day Means

Posted by on June 1, 2021 3:04 am

Memorial Day, a day to reflect on the selfless sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice, made on our behalf by the heroic men and women who never returned home from the battlefield. Sure, people plan barbeques on this day, but the real reason for the extended weekend shouldn’t be, but sadly has been, lost on many of today’s youth. Is it too much for our public schools to spend time making sure students understand the sacrifice made by our fighting forces on their behalf, and the tragic loss to our nation as a whole, of each life lost in the pursuit of preserving our freedoms?



While this country is mired in the ridiculous debate of whether or not to defund the police in cities crumbling from violence, they ignore the elephant in the room, the pathetic state of our public education, and how lack of education translates into more poverty and crime.

Let’s hope the lockdowns steer more families into alternate education sources, whether private or homeschooling.