BOMBSHELL VIDEO: “This is Frankenstein stuff and should be stopped immediately”…Tucker Carlson Slams Fauci and NIH for Dangerous Gain of Function Research Producing COVID-19

Posted by on June 4, 2021 3:04 am

100 Percent Fed Up

Once again, Tucker Carlson does the reporting that the leftist media refuses to do regarding coronavirus origins. He calls out the key players in the dangerous scientific experiments into gain of function research.

The most shocking part of his commentary is when he mentions several U.S. government officials who suppressed information that would have helped expose the truth about how the coronavirus was released. Our own government officials chose politics over what’s most important for Americans to know.

Tucker is at his best when he’s exposing the feds. This is worth the watch:

The best line of the night…”This is Frankenstein stuff and should be stopped immediately.”

The U.S. taxpayers were funding the Wuhan lab that produced the deadly virus that killed millions? This is truly Frankenstein research that needs to be stopped!