INCREDIBLE! NHL Fans Sing National Anthem So Loudly, They Drown Out Singer At Islanders-Bruins Game [VIDEO]

Posted by on June 12, 2021 3:03 am

In a stunningly beautiful display of national solidarity, fans at the NY Islanders vs. Boston Bruins NHL game drowned out the singer when they loudly belted out our national anthem Wednesday night game at the Nassau Coliseum.

The spontaneous choir that ensued provided for a stunning show of unity across all political, cultural, and socioeconomic lines as Americans put their differences aside to give honor to the country.

In an era of increasing anti-Americanism being propagated by the leftist media, their gesture of true patriotism shines a light on the difference between the right and left and the hatred and disdain the left shows for America,  as they herald professional athletes who disrespect our flag or refuse to acknowledge our national anthem.

Watch the incredible sing-along that took place before the Islanders game 6 victory over the Bruins in the semi-finals playoff game:

Nicole Raviv, a regular opening act at this venue according to the New York Post, first started off the national anthem as a largely solo act. But after finishing the line “What so proudly we hail”, she turned the mic over to the crowd and encouraged their increased participation. She came back in towards the very end to finish the rendition off on a high note, both figuratively and literally.

The energy in the stadium was reported to be immense and emotional. In fact, Raviv herself had this to say after the fact: