Unhinged Middle School Teacher Screams At Her Student Calling Him A “Straight Jerk” For Inquiring About Unicorn Cupcakes She Brought For “LGBTQ Month”

Posted by on June 12, 2021 3:04 am


“A dick…a dipstick…a butt-head…a weasel…a pain in my butt”

A Springfield Missouri middle school teacher lost it when a male student in her class inquired about the “unicorn cupcakes” she brought into class in early celebration of “LGBTQ month”.

The abusive teacher resorted to name-calling, saying he was ignorant and asking him if he wanted a “straight jerk cupcake”. The insults intensified as the foul-mouthed “educator” became more irrationally agitated.

Another classmate caught the exchange on video.

If this is the caliber of “teachers” that are infesting our public schools, then I say we give the unions what they’ve been fighting to do for months now, keep the schools closed. I’d go a step further and say defund them and close them for good!