Breaking: All Levels Of GA Government, Including Governor’s Office, Infiltrated By Temp Firm Financed By Stacy Abrams (VIDEO)

Posted by on June 18, 2021 3:04 am

In a developing story, CDMedia investigators have discovered multiple payments made from several Ga government agencies to the temp firm Happy Faces Staffing. The temp firm is financed by another firm called Now Account which lists Stacey Abrams as a 16% owner.

According to information obtained by CDMedia, the GA governor’s office paid $34,757 to the temp firm for work done on behalf of Governor Kemp’s office. See the chart below showing a long list of payments to Happy Faces, by other Georgia state entities.

When the election warehouse staff had to be quarantined, SOS offered to send trained, qualified staff, and Fulton elections declined their offer and brought in unqualified, untrained, 100 percent minority “Happy Face” employees. Puzzling.

Ms. Abrams seems to have her hand on the levers of power and control in Georgia, while governor Kemp appears to be just a figurehead.