Maria Bartiromo Rips RINO Senator Kevin Cramer For Supporting Infrastructure Bill – Asks “Where’s The Money For The Border?” [VIDEO]

Posted by on August 9, 2021 3:04 am

Americans have sadly come to expect the America-last policies imposed by Democrats: economy destroying bills which are burying the country in debt, the suffocating of small business with regulations and business-busting lockdown restrictions during Covid, their utter refusal to close the border and enforce existing immigration law, et al.

It’s a harder pill to swallow when elected officials that call themselves Republicans join in on the nation-destroying efforts of the left.

On Saturday, Mitch McConnell led a stampede of 18 RINOs in their best display of Stockholm syndrome, as they clawed their way to the bottom alongside the tyrannical Democrats and in support of the bloated $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Here is the list of wretched Rinos that voted with Dems to strap America with more insurmountable debt:

Roy Blunt (MO) Shelley Moore (WV) Bill Cassidy (LA) Susan Collins (ME) John Cornyn (TX) Kevin Cramer(ND) Mike Crapo (ID)
Chuck Grassley (IA) John Hoeven (ND) Deb Fischer of (NE) Lisa Murkowski (AK) Rob Portman (OH) Jim Risch (ID) Mitt Romney (UT) Thom Tillis (NC) Todd Young (IN) Mike Rounds (SD)

On Sunday morning Senator Kevin Cramer was a guest on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo where he took a beating as they discussed his vote for the Socialist infrastructure plan, which as Bartiromo pointed out, included no money for border security.

“Obviously we’re not going to get Democrats to agree to a bill that builds a wall.” Cramer shrugged.

Twitter user Tyler S. asks: @SenKevinCramer how can you say you’re a conservative with this massive overkill bill?

Marc B. tweeted: No, to any part of the Democrat’s social program spending disguised as “infrastructure”!