VIDEO: “That’s just a flat out lie!”… Laid Off Keystone XL Pipeline ‘Infuriated’ Over Biden’s Latest Move

Posted by on August 14, 2021 3:03 am

Laid off, Keystone XL Pipeline worker Neal Crabtree discussed Biden’s energy policy on ‘Fox Business tonight.’ He called out Biden for shutting down the pipeline and then asking for oil from OPEC.

Mr. Crabtree is fantastic at getting to the heart of what’s so wrong about Biden’s far-left green energy policy. He points out that John Kerry lied when he said there would be green energy jobs coming.

“That’s just a flat-out lie!”

Biden’s policy is killing the energy independence that President Trump worked so hard to create. Just like the open border, Biden’s energy policy is killing America.

Canada called out the hypocrisy of the Biden administration for asking Russia and OPEC to send us oil:

“Disjointed policy” is an understatement!