VIDEO: “Blame the Suits…Not the Boots”…Biden’s ‘Hot Mess Express’ Afghanistan Withdrawal is No Match for Trump’s ‘Phased Withdrawal’

Posted by on August 15, 2021 3:03 am

Two different presidents have two very different plans of withdrawal in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the Biden regime decided not to follow through with the plan that President Trump had worked so hard to negotiate. Crazy Joe couldn’t take Trump’s advice, so he went rogue and enacted a ‘hot mess express’ withdrawal that we’re now seeing the results of with the takeover by the Taliban.

Biden broke the deal Trump made:

The difference in strategy is explained best by someone who served in Afghanistan – Sean Parnell tells about how Trump had a serious plan and met with different factions in Afghanistan to negotiate a withdrawal in phases. That’s the key – phases of withdrawal.

Biden telegraphed to the world when the US would be leaving Afghanistan – no phases and terrible communication. They left millions in military equipment that is now in the hands of the Taliban (see video below of Gen. Milley).

“Blame the suits…not the boots” – American hero Sean Parnell

Sean Parnell called out General Milley for leaving Afghanistan and letting our enemies take the equipment:

General Milley was too busy pushing CRT on his soldiers to pay attention to Afghanistan.