VIDEO: Harris Faulkner Rips Into Biden and Harris Over Their Incompetent Mess The Troops and FEMA are Forced to Clean Up

Posted by on August 15, 2021 3:04 am

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner uncharacteristically ripped into Biden and useless Kamala Harris over the incompetent mess our US troops and FEMA are forced to clean up at the border and in Afghanistan.

Faulkner doesn’t show her irritation very often, but she was especially upset with the incompetence of Biden and Harris. She mentioned how Harris is MIA and Biden is vacationing.  Our troops and FEMA are on Faulkner’s mind as she says the Biden regime brings them in at the last minute. She says she hopes people thank the military for their service to our country.

Faulkner believes Biden needs to speak to the American people.

Joe Biden worked in the White House two days last week and is now on vacation at Camp David for 5 days. It’s never been more evident that someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings. Obama or a group of far-left radicals are running the show. This isn’t very comforting, and it feels like America is a rudderless boat.

Americans deserve so much better than this.