WATCH: Biden Speaks on His Afghanistan Failure…Takes No Questions

Posted by on August 17, 2021 3:03 am

Joe Biden has finally taken a break from his Camp David vacation to speak to the American people. It’s about time…

With the takeover of  Afghanistan by the Taliban in record time, Biden had to say something about this failure by his administration.

He recently released a statement trying to place blame on President Trump, but he owns this failure. He is the Commander in Chief.

We gave Biden too much credit. It had been reported that he would take questions from pre-approved reporters, but he took no questions; after reading the teleprompter for about 10 minutes, he turned and walked away (video below). He must go. This is not leadership!

Biden is so out of touch that he said that it was a success that he oversaw the chaotic evacuation of the American embassy. He must not have watched the videos of desperate Afghans running after the departing plane.

The entire speech is in the video below:

Biden walks away…