Comrade DeBlasio Takes Cringe To New Low – Hawking For Additional Vaccine Takers Like A Cheap Carny Hustler Promising Free Concerts And Ability To Participate In Life [VIDEO]

Posted by on August 18, 2021 3:04 am

Showing proof of ID and now Vaccination passports are not considered racist in Comrade DeBlasio’s NYC when it comes to important stuff like free hip hop concerts, going to museums, dining in, going to gyms, etc.

ID to vote…that’s still racist.

In his best carny impression, DeBlasio got out in front of the cameras today to hustle for increased vaccine participation, shamelessly trying to entice the city’s youth with free concerts as he announced “homecoming week in New York City”. A thinly-veiled effort to promote his tyrannical “Key To NYC Pass” which we told you about previously.

With a smug grin on his face, he gleefully lists all the things available to those willing to risk the jab, bragging about how amazing the Boogie Down Bronx event was and urging those who haven’t done so to get vaccinated in order to be allowed to participate.

Joining him just over 3-minutes into the video is a group called Force MDS who sing a sampling of their music. And what would a song be if vaccinations weren’t cleverly inserted into their groovin ditty:

“…Come out there cause it ain’t no joke, get vaccinated – take the ferry boat…”


DeBlasio urges those interested in attending to go to for a list of events and to get tickets. His goal, of course, being vaccine compliance as a quick visit to the site reveals that events are open only to those who’ve taken the jab and can prove it.

The rest of the video is a vomit-inducing slobber-fest as the dictator-wanna-be spends over an hour selling his “Key To NYC Pass” which went into effect today, praising those residents and community leaders who are participating in his anti-American, freedom crushing program.