“Within minutes, looters descended…the Pentagon didn’t seem concerned” TUCKER Stuns With Description of Biden’s Chaotic Tactics in Leaving Afghanistan

Posted by on August 28, 2021 3:03 am

Tucker Carlson just did what he does best…he described perfectly what really happened in Afghanistan when the American military left.

“Last month, Bagram had a prison that held thousands of foreign fighters, including ISIS. Without warning, the U.S. military left. The new Afghan commander fled. Within minutes, looters descended — and the Pentagon didn’t seem concerned.”

The Pentagon didn’t seem concerned? Was this the plan all along? Something to consider…

The commentary from Tucker tonight is similar to what was said just days ago by when Tucker interviewed a very honest U.S. Army Veteran who brought up the concern that Democrats and the activist Generals planned this disaster:

A Tucker Carlson Tonight interview with U.S. Army Veteran Joe Kent is a must-watch. Kent is running for Congress. He doesn’t hold back in his discussion with Tucker about the mess in Afghanistan and who is to blame.

“Today has been an absolute tragedy, but unfortunately, I think we’re seeing over nearly two decades of lies come unraveling.”

Kent calls out the Biden regime for not putting Americans first. He calls out the Biden administration culture that wants to pump even more refugees into the heartland of America.

The military-industrial complex is a key to why this disaster happened in Afghanistan.