After Saying He’ll Take Questions, Biden Refuses One On Afghanistan and Toddles Away [Video]

Posted by on August 30, 2021 3:03 am

Joe Biden has been able to skate for decades without having to answer hard questions. Now that he’s failed our military and the American people, he’s a target for just about everyone. The media is finally nipping around the edges to ask direct questions of Biden, and he can’t handle it. He has repeatedly just turned and walked away from reporters if he doesn’t want to answer a question. Watch the video clip below where he just turns and walks away when asked about Afghanistan:

This will not be shown on mainstream media. Thank goodness for social media because tweets of the video will expose Biden’s cowardice. Notice that Biden looks lost when he turns around.

Politics 2.0 wrote: “What the hell did I just watch???”

Another video of the moment:

What Biden did is something any leader should never do…