Biden Appears to Check His Watch During Reception for 13 American Heroes Killed in Kabul

Posted by on August 30, 2021 3:03 am

Joe Biden was standing at the reception at Dover Air Force Base for the 13 service members killed in Kabul when he awkwardly appeared to check his watch (video and photo below).

Unbelievable! Social media is exploding with comments about how disgusting Biden’s actions appeared at such a solemn ceremony.

Eric Matheny tweeted:

“I’m sorry. Are we inconveniencing you?”

Boris Epshteyn tweeted out a screenshot of Biden with a comment about how wrong it was for Biden to do this at such a solemn and important ceremony:

“Joe Biden checking his watch during the dignified transfer of American Heroes killed by his incompetence. Despicable. Resign now.”

Biden Appears to Check His Watch During Reception for Service Members Killed in Kabul:

It appears like he catches himself mid-movement and then puts his arm down. Is it nap time for sleepy Joe?