American Rock Musician Desperately Trying to Rescue His Female Guitar Students Who Are in Mortal Danger in Afghanistan [Video]

Posted by on September 2, 2021 3:04 am

In May of this year, ABC News ran a piece (see video below) about rock musician Lanny Cordola teaching girls in Afghanistan how to play guitar. Keifer Sutherland donated guitars to the girls after hearing about the program.

The ABC News report:

Fast forward, and those same young girls are now in mortal danger in Afghanistan after the takeover of the Taliban. Now, the former rock musician teacher is trying desperately to rescue the girls in hiding.

TMZ Live interviewed Lanny from Pakistan, where he’s desperately trying to rescue the girls. He says the Taliban has destroyed a facility they used in Afghanistan to teach/play music by blowing out the windows of the building and clearing the place out. They’re not too fond of those types of teachings, especially if females are involved.

The music community is rallying around Lanny’s cause here. Tom Morello of RATM asked for donations to to help fund what Lanny’s trying to do here — and it sounds like they could still use the help, even now.

How Lanny Cordola began teaching guitar to girls in Afghanistan:

Sammy Hagar joined the girls to sing:

More of the girls playing guitar and singing in July 0f 2017: