Illinois Woman Arrested in Hawaii for Misspelled COVID-19 Vaccination ID Card

Posted by on September 2, 2021 3:04 am

While our government lets in anyone from around the world at our southern border, they are arresting Americans for fake vaccination cards. Do the illegal aliens have covid when they cross? Yes, and they have been allowed to travel into the interior of the country.

Last week, a woman from Oak Lawn, Illinois, was arrested in Hawaii for misspelling a word that exposed her fraud.

According to court documents, Chloe Mrozak visited Hawaii using a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. Local authorities believe that Mrozak used the fake vaccination card to avoid Hawaii’s 10-day mandatory quarantine.

How did the authorities catch her? The word for the COVID-19 vaccine drug company “Moderna” was misspelled as “Maderna.”

Hawaii News Now reports the twenty-four-year-old was arrested on Aug. 28 at Inouye International Airport in Oahu. She faces a misdemeanor charge of falsified vaccination documents.

Detail of a COVID-19 vaccine card with a “Maderna” (see below) spelling for the Moderna vaccine. (District court document)

Mrozak was arrested at the airport on her departure date. Her bail was $2,000.

This isn’t the first time tourists in Hawaii have been arrested for fake vaccine info. A couple from Florida was also recently arrested.

Another case in Illinois involves a pharmacist who was arrested after she was caught selling vaccination cards for $10.

According to an FBI statement, a licensed pharmacist was arrested in Chicago on charges related to allegedly selling dozens of authentic COVID-19 vaccination cards on eBay.