White House Reporters Have “Launched A Formal Objection” To Biden’s Refusal To Take Questions

Posted by on September 22, 2021 3:03 am

CBSN is reporting that Biden took three questions from British reporters during a meeting with PM Boris Johnson. American journalists were “shut out” and not allowed to ask questions.

White House reporters have “launched a formal objection” to Biden’s lack of fairness to U.S. reporters. Biden doesn’t want to talk about the crisis at the border and has been avoiding reporters by refusing to speak.

Ed O’Keefe reports:

Even though O’Keefe came back to say Biden made a comment, it was nothing but a claim that there is violence from Border Agents. All a lie manufactured by the Biden regime.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows Biden mostly doesn’t engage with reporters.

Just yesterday, Biden sat silent while reporters asked questions. His handlers yelled like carnival barkers to reporters to make them leave.

“Let’s go! Thank you!”