BREAKING VIDEO Emerges Allegedly Showing Fight That Took Place Before Mass Shooting At TX High School

Posted by on October 6, 2021 9:07 pm

At approximately 9:15 am the Arlington Police Department got several calls about a shooting inside the Timberview High School on the second floor. The school was locked down.

The assistant Arlington, TX Police Chief Kolbye addressed the nation about the current status of the shooter and the students inside the Arlington-area Timberview High School.

According to the assistant police chief, there was a fight before the shooting incident took place in a classroom. 4 individuals were shot. 3 of the individuals were taken to the hospital and the other one refused treatment. The suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Timothy George Simpkins, a black male who is driving a 2018 silver Dodge Charger with license plate#PFY 6260.

The assistant police chief explained that they have multiple agencies looking for the individual and the students will be processed and transported to a bus in an orderly controlled fashion.

Here is the video that was allegedly taken before the shooting. It is not clear if the person who shot the 4 individuals is the aggressor or the person who is being attacked.

Here is an updated list of the ages and sexes of the shooting victims:

The video below shows frightened kids in a parking lot outside of the school following the shooting:

Instead of talking about the 4 shooting victims, woke individuals on Twitter are demanding that the shooter isn’t shot by police. This Twitter demands that the 18-yr-old student “deserves to survive his arrest & be treated the sane at Dylan Roof. If not better!” He reminds everyone that even though this kid shot 4 people, “He is a child.”