Conservatives Shout Down Lindsey Graham At Fundraising Event For Suggesting Crowd Should Get Vaccinated [VIDEO]

Posted by on October 6, 2021 9:07 pm

Senator Lindsey Graham has been known for playing to the crowd for most of his political career. However, during the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the former John McCain bestie managed to shake the RINO label when he bravely stood up for the Trump-nominated candidate and ripped into the evil, lying forces in the Democrat minority Senate.

Yesterday, while addressing a crowd of Republicans during a fundraising event at the Summerville Country Club in Dorchester County, SC, Lindsey foolishly decided to push the COVID vaccine.

“If you haven’t had the vaccine, you oughta think about getting it because if you’re my age,” Senator Lindsey Graham told the group of donors. The crowd drowned him out with shouts of “NO!” and “Boo!” He quickly shot back, telling them, “I’m glad I got it,” and then proceeded to spout statistics about unvaccinated people filling hospitals in South Carolina, to which the audience responded, “False!”


In the next clip, a donor standing at the back of the tent can be heard shouting, “I’m gonna lose my job in 60 days! I’m gonna lose my job in 60 days!  You’ve gotta stop it now!” Graham asked, “From who?” He responded, “From the US government. The Navy.” The Senator responded, “Yeah, so I’m with you,” and asked, “Are you active duty?” A man and woman in the crowd can both be heard shouting to Senator Graham, “What are you doing to stop it?” Graham did not respond.

The man in the back shouted, “I am a veteran.”Okay, I’m a veteran too,” Graham explained and then asked the crowd, “How many of you have taken um, measles shots?” The crowd erupted, “It’s not the same!” Graham ignored their outrage over his ridiculous comparison and capitulated, telling them he thought it was a “dumb idea” for the military to require members to be vaccinated.


How much more pushback do RINOs need to get from everyday Americans before they realize they are on the wrong side of freedom?