‘Slap a Teacher’ Stunt Sends Disabled Teacher to the Hospital…Student Smiles in Booking Photo

Posted by on October 8, 2021 3:48 am

A disabled teacher is now in the hospital because of one 18-year-old student’s ‘Tik Tok’ stunt. The recent trend (see below) of slapping a teacher and then running away before being caught has reportedly come from Tik Tok. The social media platform denies having the challenges published, but there have been reports of a list of challenges on tik Tok.

Larianna Jackson of Covington High School in Louisiana slapped her 64-year-old disabled teacher in the classroom. It didn’t end there; Jackson then repeatedly punched the teacher in the face.

The Covington Police Department described the attack: “In the video, you can see the schoolteacher sitting at her desk where she appears to be talking to Larrianna Jackson. After a moment, Jackson punches the teacher, causing the teacher to fall to the ground. As the teacher fell to the ground, Jackson continues to violently closed fist punch the teacher. The video then turns off at this point.”

A still shot from the video shows the student with her arm raised over the teacher who had fallen to the floor:

Jackson has been arrested and charged with the battery of a school teacher, which is punishable as a felony. She is being held at St Tammany Parish Jail until her trial.

It’s hard to look at the mug shot of Jackson, who is smiling.


One local news report below discusses concerns over Tik Tok challenges, including vandalizing school bathrooms and slapping teachers: