Is Joe Biden’s Tongue Tied? Or Perhaps His Brain Is – Either Way, His Words Are As Twisted As His Party [VIDEO]

Posted by on October 10, 2021 3:04 am

Joe Biden is his own worse enemy. So many jokes have been made mocking his lying, flip-flopping, plagiarizing, stuttering, mumbling, word-jumbling statements, that he’s started to add little reassurances at the end of his speeches, lest anyone question the truthfulness (or literacy) of his words.

It’s escaped exactly no one, that when he can’t refute a statement or answer a tough question (not that he ever gets any), Biden’s go-to response is always, “look”, or “c’mon man”! When he’s lying or stretching the truth, he starts with, “let me be clear”.

Now that the name Joe Biden is synonymous with an ongoing joke, and even he realizes that no one takes his words seriously, he’s begun adding the words “NO JOKE” at the end of his speeches as if to remove all debate on the veracity of his comments.


When Joe says “vaccine requirements aren’t about politics, they’re about saving lives”, what he really means is, vaccine requirements are about politics. 
He may be a proficient liar, he’s just not a believable one.

Salads are food, not presidential speeches…ugh!

God save America from this incompetent, compromised fool.