Nurse Who Fought On The Front Lines During Covid Faces Termination For Refusing Vaccination – But It Ain’t Over For Her [VIDEO]

Posted by on October 10, 2021 3:04 am

I’ve sacrificed holidays, weekends, time, sleep, and events with my family to be there for yours.

Last year, as a nurse, she was a front-line hero. A media darling. A medical professional we were told to trust and listen to during the pandemic. This year, because she refuses to give up her bodily autonomy and submit to at-best, an experimental vaccine, she is disposable.

While the party in power loves free-loaders (because they’re easy to control once completely government dependant), they despise free thinkers (for the exact opposite reason.)

One courageous nurse is paying a hefty price for having the audacity to make her own decisions in defiance of the tyrannical vax cartels; she has been suspended from her job and will be terminated in weeks.

In her own words, she gives her back story – promising she WILL be back, doing what she loves.

Spent 4- years in undergraduate school studying health sciences. Went to graduate school and endured a rigorous 2- year accelerated Masters of Science in Nursing program; became an ICU nurse and treated Covid patients for 19 months.

In 2020 we reused N95 masks and gowns.

During that time, I cared for your grandmother, sister, brother, son, and mother. I’ve sacrificed holidays, weekends, time, sleep, and events with my family to be there for yours.

As of Oct 1, 2021, I was suspended. On Nov 1- 2021, I will be terminated because I chose not to get the shot.

Despite all of this, my faith will endure and I will continue to fight for my medical freedom. Please know I WILL be back doing what I love most!

A Facebook post from a nurse who faces the same fate:

You were okay with me holding your mom’s hand when she was cold and scared before surgery.
You were okay with me doing compressions on your dad’s chest when we were trying to save his life.
You were okay with me handing a drill to a doctor that was putting your leg back together after you crashed after you decided to drive drunk.
You were okay with me helping the surgeon open your friend’s abdomen when they were injured during the riots.
You were okay with me helping wash your brother’s infected wounds from his constant drug use.
You were okay with me helping remove your grandma’s skull in order to help the doctor stop the bleeding from when she fell.
You were okay with me assisting in the wonderful gift of life and the c-section of your daughter.
You were okay with me help remove the cancer in your uncle’s lung.
You were okay with me wearing the same mask that was riddled with contamination day in and day out in order to perform my job in the operating room.
You were okay with me having to strip off my clothes and run to the shower before speaking to my family after a long shift with all kinds of unhealthy patients.
You were okay with me bringing “it” home to my family as long as I showed up to work to save yours.
You were okay with calling me and HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of my fellow brothers and sisters in healthcare “heroes” when the media told you to and when it served you.
You are now okay with tossing me out, tossing us out, like garbage because we believe that we should get a choice in our healthcare. We advocated for you, your loved ones, we cared for you, we did things most people can’t fathom… the amount of years in healthcare experience that the US public will be losing is countless. The healthcare world I may be leaving behind is not the one I entered and one I am scared to be a patient in.
I was okay risking mine to save yours…
In the end, I am glad you are still okay!

Get healthy, stay healthy. There’s going to be a shortage in the medical field if this insanity isn’t stopped soon.