OUTRAGE: Father of School Rape Victim Included in School Board’s Letter About Domestic Terrorists [Video]

Posted by on October 14, 2021 3:04 am

Loudoun County, Virginia has been in the news so much lately because of the protests against the school board trying to push Critical Race Theory and because of mask mandates for students. The rights of parents to do what’s best for their child are being trampled on with forced mandates and radical curriculum in the classroom.

During one recent school board meeting, the rights of transgender students happened to be on the agenda. Scott Smith and his wife decided to attend the meeting because their daughter had been raped last May by a skirt-wearing boy in the girl’s bathroom.

During the meeting, Scott Smith was told by a transgender activist that his daughter’s sexual assault by the cross-dressing male student didn’t happen. Words were exchanged. Smith was tackled by police then arrested. A photo of his bloody face and disheveled appearance was published for all to see but no one knew about the horrific rape of his daughter in the school bathroom last May.

Scott Smith tells the heartbreaking story to Laura Ingraham in the video below:

Now he says his name has been included in a controversial letter that compares concerned parents to domestic terrorists.

The concerned father of the 15-year-old freshman at Stone Bridge High School says he was called and told there was a fight at the school. When he arrived, he found out his daughter had been sexually assaulted in the school bathroom. He was furious. Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene. Smith was not arrested.

A rape kit and other tests were done and showed a sexual assault had occurred. When contacted, the sheriff’s office says the May 28th incident is still being investigated.

Smith and his wife attended a school board meeting in June where a proposal to protect transgender students was to be discussed.

A question was asked about whether students were being assaulted in restrooms.

Superintendent Scott Ziegler replied, “To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

Smith was then confronted by an activist who claimed his daughter was not assaulted.

The police swarmed around Smith after words were exchanged, and then tackled him to the ground:

“The next thing I know, I’m getting touched from all over the place. I didn’t know who was touching me, who was grabbing me. I turn around, the police are grabbing me and next thing I know, I’m tackled to the ground. I’m just shocked and horrified.”

Smith was arrested then a letter to Joe Biden from the National School Boards Association mentioned him and urged action to combat incidents like Smith’s. The board compared the incident to domestic terrorism and just days later, Merrick Garland announced unruly parents would be targeted by federal officials.

GoFundMe for the Smith family: