Victor Davis Hanson Predicts Democrats Will Pay Heavy Price For Pushing Country To Hard Left [VIDEO]

Posted by on October 17, 2021 3:04 am

Conservative author and scholar Victor Davis Hanson recently predicted that the Democrats will pay a heavy political price for pushing the country so far to the left so quickly in recent months.

Hanson’s comments were made during an appearance on the Tucker Carlson show.

He suggested that many Americans look around and don’t recognize the country anymore, and he is right.

FOX News has details:

Victor Davis Hanson predicts full ‘reckoning’ in midterms: Biden will face a ‘grassroots revolution.’

President Biden’s controversial vaccine mandates and far-left policies are corroding U.S. institutions – and it won’t bode well for him in the midterm elections, historian Victor Davis Hanson said Wednesday.

“There’s going to be a reckoning,” Hanson told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “I think whether it’s Mexican-American communities on the border or where I live, or soccer moms mad about what’s being taught in schools, it’s not a top-down, woke revolution. It’s a grassroots populist revolution. We’re going to see it in the next midterms I think a lot of these institutions are going to rue the positions they’ve taken and the damage they’ve done.”

Hanson was asked about Biden’s vaccine mandate during his appearance Thursday. Carlson said the mandate is expected to render inoperable U.S. hospitals, airlines, police departments, fire departments, and other long-term care facilities. Hanson echoed the host’s concerns with the executive order, calling it just one of several “unsustainable” policies put forth by this administration.

“It’s not Tucker Carlson that’s saying this alone,” Hanson said. “It’s Barack Obama who says the border is unsustainable. Or Larry Summers saying the economic agenda won’t work. Or senators on the Democratic side said Afghanistan is a disaster. It’s everybody saying ‘what’s going on? We’ve never seen anything like it,” Hanson remarked.

Watch the video below:

Democrats deserve the political reckoning that is coming.

They have destroyed so much in such a short amount of time.

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